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Brianna Smith is a freelance writer and editor in Southwest Michigan. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Brianna has a passion for politics, social issues, education, science, and more. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the simple life with her husband, daughter, and son.
When most families visit water or amusement parks, they do so with the expectation that they'll enjoy a day of fun and relaxation. Few families fret over the possibility of an accident occurring. For one family that visited The Wave, a relatively new water park in Dublin, California, that's exactly what happened, though. While going down one of the park's water slides, the Emerald Plunge, Susannah Jones' 10-year-old son flew off the slide and hit the cement. Fortunately, the young boy survived the ordeal, but his mother and father still filed a “$2.5 million lawsuit against the city of Dublin, The Wave, the manufacturers of the slide and the contractors and subcontractors who installed the slide.”
A major recall has been issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that parents may be interested in, especially those with babies. The recent recall was issued earlier this week on Monday, and affects gallons of “Kroger’s Comforts For Baby purified water with added fluoride...with a sell-by date between 4/26/2018 and 10/10/2018.” Why was the recall issued, though? Well, it turns out the affected gallons of water are contaminated with a certain “type of mold that could cause serious allergic reactions.”
After the tragic death of a Great Bridge High School senior, Kaitlyn Duffy, her family decided to file a “$30 million wrongful death lawsuit” against the parties responsible for the teen's death. Earlier this year Duffy was “killed by an accused drunk driver,” and the lawsuit itself was filed “against the driver and his employer, Great Bridge Furniture.”
One family in Minnesota found out quickly that fatal accidents can occur even during a trip to the dentist. Back in 2015, Sydney Galleger visited her dentist, Dr. Paul Tompach, to have her wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, during the procedure, she went into cardiac arrest and later died as a result. Shortly after the tragic incident, the girl's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, which just settled for $2 million.
Anyone who has or had a young child knows that infant rice cereal is one of the most common first foods out there. Not only is it a simple way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into a child's diet early on, but the cereal itself is easy to digest and typically safe for kids prone to food allergies. Also, it's full of vital vitamins and nutrients to help a baby's body and brain grow, or so we thought. Unfortunately, a study was recently conducted that discovered that infant rice cereal actually contains high levels of arsenic, and “ little has been done to reduce the amount of arsenic found in” the popular cereal.
Over the past year, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has been on the receiving end of discrimination allegations from a former employee, Connie S. Steven. Back in October 2016, Steven “filed a petition for damages in the Platte County Circuit Court...after receiving a right-to-sue notice from the Missouri Commission on Human Rights.” Now it appears that the particular lawsuit may be coming to a close, as a hearing was recently scheduled to “discuss a possible settlement in the employment discrimination lawsuit.”
Walmart Stores Inc. has recently come under fire on charges of gender discrimination. According to an employee, Jon Wunderlin, he “took a demotion from his assistant manager position and transferred from one Palmdale store to another to get away from a female boss who told him that women were much better managers.” The lawsuit itself was filed against Wunderlin's former boss, Heather Rodriguez, and Walmart Stores Inc. in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Age discrimination happens more often than one might think, and no industry is immune. For example, a recent case of age discrimination occurred at Penn State and has resulted in a wrongful termination lawsuit. A former Penn State employee, Tracey Jackson, decided to file a lawsuit against the university for $150,000 for “allegedly terminating her because of her age.” According to the lawsuit, Jackson is seeking “$150,000 to compensate for pay, seniority, benefits, bonuses, future raises, uncompensated sick, personal and vacation time and tax penalties.”
Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the awful, silent, and unpredictable accidents that can dramatically change a family forever. Just ask Brook and Thomas Ashcraft. Back on April 4, 2017, the two lost family members to carbon monoxide poisoning, and have since filed two wrongful death lawsuits against Edward and Tami Ashcraft, Jim’s Heating, and Inter-Island Propane. Thomas is the uncle and Brook is the sister of Kelli Ashcraft, one of the two who lost their lives from carbon monoxide poisoning. The other victim was Troy J. Sullivan.
A lawsuit was recently filed against Miami University “over alleged discrimination and infringement of First Amendment rights.” The lawsuit was filed by “Students for Life at Miami University’s Hamilton campus and the religious legal advocacy organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)” in response to requests that the pro-life group make changes to a demonstration it held on campus.