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Recalls Issued for Honey Products Containing Undeclared Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

— July 21, 2022

The FDA is sounding the alarm over a rising number of illegally-marketed, adulterated honey-based or honey-flavored syrup products that test positive for erectile dysfunction drugs.

A recall was issued earlier this week for certain honey products after the FDA released a “warning about selling products with undisclosed Viagra and Cialis.”  Two of the companies that received warnings from the FDA were MKS Enterprise LLC and, and now both companies are recalling certain honey products for containing undeclared erectile dysfunction drugs.

Jar of honey
Jar of honey; image courtesy of fancycrave1 via Pixabay,

According to an FDA laboratory analysis, the Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey product from MKS Enterprise LLC. contains “the undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredient Tadalafil…the active ingredient in Cialis.” That particular product was shipped nationwide between March 2022 and July 2022. It was packaged in a black box containing 12 sachets of 15 grams of honey.

Another FDA laboratory analysis discovered that’s Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP product contained Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. That product was packaged in a golden box containing 12 sachets of 20 grams of honey. It was marketed as a sexual enhancement product on a handful of websites and retail stores.

The FDA found an increasing number of “illegally-marketed, adulterated honey-based or honey-flavored syrup products that test positive for active drug ingredients not listed on the label.” This is a serious matter because it can cause “issues for people on medication for diabetes, as well as for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease.”

FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs Judy McMeekin, Pharm.D. stated:

“Tainted honey-based products like these are dangerous because consumers are likely unaware of the risks associated with the hidden prescription drug ingredients in these products and how they may interact with other drugs and supplements they may take,” said FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs Judy McMeekin, Pharm.D., “Products marketed with unidentified ingredients may be dangerous and, in some cases, deadly to consumers. We encourage consumers to remain vigilant when shopping online or in stores to avoid purchasing products that put their health at risk, and instead seek effective, FDA-approved treatments.”

For now, anyone who has the recalled products should return them immediately for a full refund.


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