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Apple Faces Class Action Over Watches Through Series 6

— December 15, 2021

Apple watches, first generation through the Series 6, are part of a new class action lawsuit.

Apple is facing a new class action lawsuit over an alleged design flaw in the Apple Watch Series 6 that makes the screen “prone to breaking or detaching” and “exposing razor-sharp edges.”  Those pursuing the class action lawsuit say that Apple did not provide enough room inside the device to account for lithium-ion battery swelling, and if that happens, the display can “detach, crack, or shatter.”  If the display separates from the casing, the edges of watches made with the Ion-X or sapphire crystal glass can become dangerous.  This has happened on at least a few occasions but could have occurred on many more.

According to the plaintiffs, the Apple Watch Series 6 “poses a material and unreasonable safety hazard to consumers.”  It was filed by four of those customers, and there is a deep slash on the arm of one of them allegedly caused by a detached screen on a Series 3.  This indicates that the flaw was detectable on previous models and yet, according to the plaintiffs, never corrected by the company when it reasonably should have been.  As such, Apple violated “various consumer protection laws when it continued releasing Apple Watch models with this flaw,” the suit indicates.

Apple Faces Class Action Over Watches Through Series 6
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

The individual who allegedly was cut by the glass of one of the watches indicated in the suit that prior to this instance, the glass did not have any cracks or damage, just cosmetic scratches.  There was nothing to indicate that he would suffer lacerations.  The complaint indicates that the plaintiff “was sitting in a golf cart on September 8, 2020 when the glass from his Apple Watch screen, which had popped off and was hanging from the device by only a tiny flexible wire, cut a vein in his arm.

There was also a 2018 lawsuit that was filed against Apple by a single customer that had experienced similar issues.  That one was dismissed by the court because the judge indicated the “plaintiff failed to identify a specific defect.”  In the latest suit, the source of the issue is specifically outlined and there is more proof that there is an ongoing issue that should be corrected.

Because the source is now detectable across many different models, the lawsuit “seeks to represent anyone who bought any model of the Apple Watch starting with the first generation and continuing up to the Series 6.  Apple Watch Series 7 and up are not included in the class action.  It is unknown whether the same alleged design flaw exists in these later models.

There are other issues that have been detected, though more minor, in the tech company’s wearables.  Customers have reported that they cannot pair later versions with their devices, that the watches failed to unlock or update and other fixable defects.  Overall, the devices continue to be the most well-known devices on the market.

It is unclear how many claimants might be affected by the current class action claimant, which totals 56 pages.  It is also unclear whether others will come forward with complaints of significant lacerations.


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