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Zoom Will Pay Out an $85M Lawsuit Settlement

— December 15, 2021

The popular video conferencing site is set to settle a class action case.

Zoom is set to pay a settlement that is the result of an $85 million class action lawsuit allegedly that it improperly shared users’ information with third parties and didn’t have sufficient security protocols.  Zoom denies these allegations.  Zoom Video Communications, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, operates a video conferencing platform that took off during the pandemic, a time in which loved ones began to be unable to be physically together and the need for teleconferencing both personally and professionally grow substantially, and Zoom has been arguably the most popular conferencing site used.

The settlement notice specifically indicates, “Without admitting liability…Zoom (will need) to make certain changes to its policies and practices that will benefit Class Members.  Zoom will pay out a fund…and after the costs of settlement notice and administration from the $85 million Settlement Fund, the remaining funds will be made available.”

Anyone who has an account or has had an account in the past, or has otherwise just used the service, may be eligible for a part of the payment.  Users need only check their email accounts or submit a claims form online with either a valid code or documentation.  Those with paid subscriptions could have slightly higher payments than those who simply registered for use or used the video conferencing site.

Zoom Will Pay Out an $85M Lawsuit Settlement
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The claims form indicates, “Plaintiffs allege that Zoom: (i) shared certain information with third parties, (ii) should have done more to prevent unwanted meeting disruptions by third parties, (iii) advertised its Zoom Meetings App as being encrypted “end-to-end” when Plaintiffs contend it was not at that time, and (iv) that the alleged conduct violated California state and federal laws. Zoom denies these allegations. The Court has not decided who is right.”

Those eligible specifically include, “All Persons in the United States who have registered, used, opened, or downloaded the Zoom Meetings App, except for (i) all Persons who have only registered, used, opened, or downloaded the Zoom Meetings App through an Enterprise-Level Account or Zoom for Government Account, (ii) Zoom and its officers and directors; and (iii) the Judge or Magistrate Judge to whom the action is assigned and, any member of those Judges’ staffs or immediate family members. Please see the Long Form Notice for more details, available at”  An email may also come from

Zoom stated that the amount of each claim could be reduced depending on the number of valid submissions.  However, the payments could range from $15 to $25 or even more.  According to the form, “If you purchased a subscription to Zoom Meetings between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021, you can file a claim for $25 or 15% of the money you spent for your core subscription, whichever is greater. If you did not subscribe to Zoom but used, opened, or downloaded the app during that time, you could receive $15 as part of the settlement.”

Having a Zoom subscription with a claim code provided over email is the easiest way to submit a claim.  Users can simply access their email, click on “Start Your Claim,” and fill out the form without any documentation needed.


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