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Are Rubber Bullets Considered Police Brutality in Connecticut?

— September 16, 2022

Rubber bullets are fully capable of killing people under the right circumstances.

Rubber bullets are often used by police officers instead of real bullets, especially in situations with considerable civil unrest. At first glance, it might seem like the decision to swap out real bullets for non-lethal variants is something worthy of praise. After all, it shows that police are compassionate enough to care about people’s safety… right? The truth is that under certain circumstances, the use of rubber bullets can easily be considered a form of police brutality. 

If you have been injured by rubber bullets fired by police officers in Connecticut, you might consider reaching out to a qualified, experienced attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals have a strong understanding of what constitutes police brutality in Connecticut, and they can help you take legal action against police officers who are guilty of excessive force. With their help, you can hold negligent parties accountable and recover a considerable settlement. 

Many People Have Sued Because of Rubber Bullet Injuries

A quick Google searching will provide you with plenty of examples of lawsuits that have been filed by people who have been seriously injured by rubber bullets. Some have been rendered infertile by shots to the testicles. Another man sued after his skull was shattered by a rubber bullet in 2020. Others have been shot repeatedly with rubber bullets even after being fully restrained and tasered. 

Rubber Bullets Can Still be Lethal

Rubber bullets are fully capable of killing people under the right circumstances. This is why officers are specifically instructed never to aim for the head or the neck. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the word “rubber” can be misleading. You might assume that these bullets are soft and relatively harmless, but they often feature a metal core. In addition, some are not made of rubber at all, but rather hardened foam or plastic. There are also many types of rubber bullets. Some are actually filled with pepper spray and explode on impact. Bean bag rounds are also common, and they are typically fired from shotguns.

Police and National Guard members at a Philadelphia protest. Image via Flickr/user:Rob Bulmahn. (CCA-BY-2.0).

So Is the Use of Rubber Bullets Considered Police Brutality?

In certain situations, yes. If you are not posing a threat to anyone and police shoot you with a rubber bullet, you may be able to sue the officer for negligence. You’ll need to consult with an attorney to receive accurate legal advice on this matter. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Bridgeport area for a qualified, experienced police brutality attorney, there are many committed legal professionals who are more than willing to help you fight for your rights. Make no mistake, rubber bullets are capable of causing considerable injuries to innocent people. Swapping out real bullets for rubber ones doesn’t necessarily mean that fewer people will be injured. In fact, it can make officers feel as though they have the right to fire indiscriminately into crowds. Book your consultation today, and you can receive compensation for your injuries. 

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