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Delaware’s Fight Against Police Brutality

— September 16, 2022

Ideally, you should team up with a lawyer who has experience with criminal defense and possibly civil rights.

According to a report published back in 2020, Delaware police shot 56 people over the previous 15 years. Three people were shot in 2020 alone. This equates to an average of just over 18 people per year, which would suggest that police shootings are actually falling dramatically over the last few years. However, every death represents a real person, with real family members who are grieving. In an ideal world, we would have zero police deaths each year in Delaware. Sadly, this seems unlikely. So what are the latest developments in Delaware’s fight against police brutality?

If you have experienced police brutality in Delaware, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified, experienced police brutality attorney as soon as possible. With their help, you can hold police officers accountable for acts of gross negligence. Whether you have lost a loved one due to a police shooting or you’ve been injured by an officer who was exercising excessive force, you have every right to take decisive legal action. An attorney can help you fight for your rights and recover a considerable settlement for your damages. 

Police Will Not Face Consequences for Death of 8-Year-Old

On November 15th, 2021 it was reported that police were not going to face charges for shooting and killing an 8-year-old. Instead, the state is charging two teens who were involved in a fight nearby, and they are arguing that this fight caused the police to shoot the child. Police also shot four other individuals, including the child’s older sister. The fight between the two teens involved firearms being discharged, and this caused the police to fire into a crowd that was gathered around a football game. By shifting the fault towards the two teens, the police officers are able to escape prosecution in the death of this eight-year-old.

Blue police light; image by Max Fleischmann, via
Blue police light; image by Max Fleischmann, via

Officer in Wilmington Used Excessive Force, According to Lawsuit

In October of 2021, it was reported that a Wilmington police officer had been accused of using excessive force against a 44-year-year man who was violating a no-contact order prohibiting him from being on a particular street. The officer allegedly used a racial slur and slammed the man’s head into a counter multiple times. The adult had no criminal record at the time, and he decided to file a lawsuit against the officer after the incident. It was then reported that the police officer who had been accused of excessive force had been placed on administrative leave. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve experienced police brutality in Wilmington, get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney as soon as possible. Ideally, you should team up with a lawyer who has experience with criminal defense and possibly civil rights. Fortunately, there are many of these legal professionals waiting to assist you in Delaware. Book your consultation today, and you can go over all of your legal options. 

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