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Contractor or Employee? California Bill AB 5 May Provide Answer

In order to understand California bill AB 5, you need to understand the California Supreme Court’s decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. vs. Superior Court of Los Angeles. That case gave employees certain protections from being misclassified as independent contractors as opposed to employees. The facts surrounding Dynamex aren’t terribly complicated. The New Classification Dynamex

Personal Injury lawyers Targeting Bird and Lime Scooters

In the past year, motorists, pedestrians, and politicians across the country have been dodging motorized scooters. Reports of people being injured by electric scooters are becoming increasingly common. Now, the manufacturers and users of the scooters are dodging personal injury lawyers. When they first appeared, the scooters were accidents waiting to happen. Now, accidents have indeed happened, and personal injury lawyers are sensing a fresh source of contingency fees.