Brianna Smith

Brianna Smith is a freelance writer and editor in Southwest Michigan. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Brianna has a passion for politics, social issues, education, science, and more. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the simple life with her husband, daughter, and son.

Lawsuits Over EpiPen Begin Rolling In Against Mylan

Mylan, a company that came under fire last year for drastically raising their prices of the EpiPen, a lifesaving device used by many across the country, is now back in the news. Despite introducing a generic version of their allergy medication in response to the backlash they received, lawsuits against the company have begun to spring

Is Louisiana Violating Civil Rights Of the Mentally Ill?

A two-year investigation conducted by the Justice Department has uncovered some unsettling news. Throughout the state of Louisiana, an estimated 4,000 mentally ill people are being kept, unnecessarily, in expensive nursing homes with little to no contact with friends and family. They’re being deprived of independent living, all because the state has failed to provide

Celebrity Chefs Lack Good Food Safety Practices

For many Americans, watching celebrity chefs cook up a storm on a cooking show has become a favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day. Whether you’re watching to learn how to prepare the perfect cocktail hour spread, or enjoy watching a cooking competition between amateur chefs, there’s a show for everyone.

New Law To Delay Tax Refunds In 2017

For many people across the country, especially those on a tight budget, tax return season means tax refunds. Some look forward to putting their refunds towards paying off debt, while others use the money for rent or paying bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, many taxpayers can expect a delay in their refunds this year, thanks

Veal Products Recalled Amid E. Coli Contamination Fears

Tis’ the season for product recalls. Amid concerns of potential E. coli contamination, specifically E. coli O26 and O45, Gold Medal Packing Inc., in Rome, New York, recently recalled nearly 4,607 pounds of boneless veal products. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the recall includes any veal trim and

Oakland Warehouse Fire Seeing First Lawsuits

Earlier this month, a warehouse fire consumed an artist-collective building dubbed the “Ghost Ship” during a music performance and party. Tragically, 36 people lost their lives in what many are calling an accident. Some blame the fire on too many people crammed into a small space already riddled with building-code violations. For others, however, calling

Keeping Lead Out Of Cosmetic Products

As if women didn’t have enough on their plates, now they have to be wary about lead levels in their cosmetic products, particularly their lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, and body lotions. Recently, the FDA released a draft of new guidelines to help regulate lead levels in cosmetic products, with lipstick being the big one. Wait a

Fear Over Salmonella Contamination Results In Recalls

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been recalls on a wide assortment of food products for fear of salmonella contamination. The source of the contamination? Powdered milk products from Valley Milk Products LLC in Strasburg, VA. So far recalls have been issued for everything from macaroni and cheese and frozen cream puffs, to

Updated Civil Rights Bill Reexamines Unsolved Cases

With President-Elect Trump’s inauguration only weeks away, President Obama is still hard at work signing valuable civil rights legislation, such as his latest, the “Emmett Till Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016.” Does the legislation sound familiar? It should, considering it’s merely an expansion of a civil rights bill passed by the House in