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Trump’s Hotel Lawsuit Is Heading To Trial

President-elect Trump is a busy guy. With all the festivities surrounding his looming inauguration, one might be surprised to find out that he’s actually been knee-deep a hotel lawsuit and settlement talks with celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Why? Well, last fall, Zakarian canceled his plans to open a restaurant in Trump’s new 263-room hotel at

New Orleans Announces $13M for Civil Rights Case Settlements

Many families throughout New Orleans have been celebrating since the city recently agreed to pay $13.3 million to settle lawsuits with 17 plaintiffs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the chaos that ensued, these plaintiffs ended up suing the city of New Orleans for wrongful deaths and injuries, deprivation of civil rights and lost

Trial Date Approaching Over Deadly Meningitis Outbreak of 2012

Justice is finally near for families who suffered or lost loved ones during the deadly meningitis outbreak of 2012. With jury selection set to begin as soon as this week, Barry Cadden, as well as senior pharmacist Glenn Chin will soon know their fates. The two have been charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder

Who Are Trump’s Potential Supreme Court Nominees?

As President-elect Trump’s inauguration looms closer, talk over his potential Supreme Court nominees has increased. So far there are eight people in the running to replace the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, according to people on Trump’s transition team. Let’s take a look at each of the potential Supreme Court nominees. William Pryor, 54

New Law Shines Light On Prescription Drug Pricing

In an era where prescription drug manufacturers seem to be raising prices on life-saving medicines left and right, citizens across the U.S. are looking towards our leaders to help get the costs under control. Fortunately, one state seems to be willing to take the lead on those efforts. Last June, Vermont legislators enacted a new

Ohio’s New Patient-Cost Law Delayed

When it comes to providing quality patient care, hospitals and healthcare providers don’t always have time to wait on insurance companies. Unfortunately, that’s what one new Ohio law wants to do. According to the new patient-cost law, patients in Ohio will be required to track down written estimates “from health care providers on how much

Does the TPP Threaten Food Safety Standards?

Since 2010, a new free trade agreement has been in the works, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). While the agreement has some notable aspects, like it’s ability to “spur U.S. exports of mechanical and electrical equipment, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals and many other goods” by cutting tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers, some are concerned that

Lawsuits Over EpiPen Begin Rolling In Against Mylan

Mylan, a company that came under fire last year for drastically raising their prices of the EpiPen, a lifesaving device used by many across the country, is now back in the news. Despite introducing a generic version of their allergy medication in response to the backlash they received, lawsuits against the company have begun to spring

Is Louisiana Violating Civil Rights Of the Mentally Ill?

A two-year investigation conducted by the Justice Department has uncovered some unsettling news. Throughout the state of Louisiana, an estimated 4,000 mentally ill people are being kept, unnecessarily, in expensive nursing homes with little to no contact with friends and family. They’re being deprived of independent living, all because the state has failed to provide

Celebrity Chefs Lack Good Food Safety Practices

For many Americans, watching celebrity chefs cook up a storm on a cooking show has become a favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day. Whether you’re watching to learn how to prepare the perfect cocktail hour spread, or enjoy watching a cooking competition between amateur chefs, there’s a show for everyone.