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Dawn Allen is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about sustainability, political economy, gardening, traditional craftwork, and simple living. She and her husband are currently renovating a rural homestead in southeastern Michigan.
From Michigan to North Carolina to tiny Sandbranch, TX, contaminated water is turning up all over. We can't afford to fix it – but we can't afford not to.
Amazon workers in California are suing over break period and overtime violations, but will this delay the inevitable race to the bottom for worker rights?
A college degree is more necessary yet less valuable than it used to be, tuition is through the roof, and apprenticeships are growing. Who wins, who loses?
Eden Wells, facing obstruction of justice and involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the Flint water crisis, will lead a public health board.
U.S. hospitals are experiencing a shortage of IV bags since Hurricane Maria knocked out the major producer. Will we learn that efficiency is not terribly resilient?
So far, November's been a notable news month for the elephant, as some face flaming tar, hunting trophy imports (or not), and possible personhood.
More than ever, food sovereignty movements around the world are needed to reconnect us to the land and each other. Happily, there are victories to report!
Former NASA scientist James Hansen suggests suing polluters to make progress towards preserving a livable biosphere. Is it better than our other options?
A German study released last month found that we're in the midst of an insect collapse, but what does that mean for humans, and how can we help?
Accused addicts working for free and healthy people locked up for insurance payments are only some of the prisoners for profit in the capitalist system.