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Dawn Allen
Dawn Allen is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about sustainability, political economy, gardening, traditional craftwork, and simple living. She and her husband are currently renovating a rural homestead in southeastern Michigan.
Social media was already dividing us and making us meaner before Cambridge Analytica came along. It's time to relate to each other in healthier ways again.
Stanford's Jeffrey Pfeffer claims that job stress and bad management raise health costs and kills 120,000 annually. There's a good reason to hate Mondays.
In Texas, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and lakes and oceans around the world, there's something in the water that shouldn't be there and which isn't good for us.
In the old days, the rag and bone man collected discards and closed the waste loop. Globalization helped kill him, but will isolationism bring him back?
We stand at the crossroads. To one side lies the death of science as a cultural pillar. To the other lies science in the service of life. Choose wisely.
If you want a better nation, be better citizens. We can start by bringing honesty to conversations and challenging ourselves with uncomfortable viewpoints.
Lavish with our money, foolish with our resources, endangering our health, gambling with our future, leading us into chaos: Scott Pruitt is no conservative.
The future of connected devices hangs in the balance, as researchers and hackers are locked in a Red Queen race for your data - and your peace of mind.
The White House wants to cut SNAP benefits and fill the gap with an “America's Harvest box,” filled with what the government wants poor folks to eat.
The legislative landscape is changing, as the party that promised Freedom is now telling us to bend over, accept the erosion of our rights, and like it.