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Dawn Allen is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about sustainability, political economy, gardening, traditional craftwork, and simple living. She and her husband are currently renovating a rural homestead in southeastern Michigan.
A new IPCC report predicts a dire future climate if we don't make big changes. Trump doubts, but the administration says we're toast. Will we turn or burn?
If dividing and conquering us is the goal of the powers that be, the remedy might be as close as our neighborhood sidewalks.
Michigan's roads are so bad, Gov. Snyder considered deploying the National Guard. Can our eroding tax base afford roads? It's time to question the system.
In a world of price gouging and shortages, hospitals look for solutions by starting a new nonprofit drug company to rein in costs and stabilize supply.
Lawyers, doctors, and older workers experience high rates of loneliness. But it doesn't have to be like this, and younger people are leading the way out.
Mike Huckabee proposed caning protesters; Trump suggested they should be illegal. How would the Tea Party have liked corporal punishment and crackdowns?
Are Americans losing critical thinking skills due to conspiracy cranks and ideological blinders, or are they now beginning to wake up? You be the judge!
A globe with raised bars showing areas of high population density.

Over fifty years ago, human influence on global systems began to expand rapidly. As population rose, we began using more resources than could be renewed.
A more chaotic world is coming. Adapting to our new reality means changing how we live as laws, institutions, resources, and our culture shift around us.
The coming years will bring instability as familiar economic, political, and climatic systems go off the rails. Where it stops, nobody knows.