Drew has an undergraduate degree in International Studies from the Virginia Military Institute, and an MBA from Colorado State. He is a U.S. Army veteran, and he currently lives and works in Central Texas. He has held business finance positions in healthcare, construction, and legal services. Drew also blogs about being a father tri-ing to find his way as a parent, tri-athlete, and a human at www.triingtodad.blogspot.com/.

Are School Vouchers Really the Ticket?

We all know that the Texas legislature is back in session. The demonstrators are in front of the capitol and we have dusted off the same arguments that come up every session but rarely see the light of day with Texas’ super conservative majority: gambling, marijuana, and of course, school vouchers. Recently, Governor Abbott appeared at one of the rallies and announced that this would be the year that school vouchers would finally pass, despite the inability of the bill to make it out of the state house committee in 2015.

Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

At the beginning of this month, we saw Philadelphia implement the first tax on sugary drinks by any large city in the United States. The tax adds a $0.015 tax per ounce to the cost of most drinks, specifically those sweetened with sugar, or artificial sugar sweeteners. This means that a 12oz soda will cost about $0.18 more than it did on December 31.

Definition of Insanity: Attempting to Defund or Eliminate the ACA

The Affordable Care Act has been a target of Republican ire since its inception, and since the elephant stampede of the 2010 midterm elections they have attempted to pass legislation to defund or eliminate the ACA more than sixty times[1]. For the last six years this has been nothing more than political pandering, with an absurd amount of time dedicated to an action that was impossible during Obama’s presidency. Once again we are preparing for a political tug of war that will only serve to give the American people a bad case of rope burn.