Jim Caton lives in Southeast Michigan where he teaches English and works as a freelance writer. A graduate of Wayne Law School, he writes on matters of constitutional law, public policy and international affairs. He is currently at work on a book of economic and social criticism entitled Ass Backward.

Navy Retaliates Against Flint Whistleblowers

Flint, Michigan resident LeeAnne Walters has come up against yet another adversary in her fight for clean water—the U.S. Navy. Walters, who has been a leading activist in the ongoing Flint water scandal, battling intransigent city and state officials, revealed last week that her husband Dennis has for months been the victim of punishment and

SOLD OUT: Bruce Springsteen’s Presidential Medal of Freedom

Bill Horton was a cautious man of the road. He lived looking over his shoulder and remained faithful to his code. When something caught his eye, he’d measure his need. Then very carefully he’d proceed. Last Tuesday, Barack Obama awarded Bruce Springsteen—and 20 other entertainers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists—the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest

The Capitulation of the Liberals

While ordinary people flood the streets to voice their rejection of president-elect Donald Trump, the Liberals have been tripping over each other in a rush to appease the fascistic demagogue. President Obama said after meeting with Trump that he wants to ensure the president-elect is “successful.” Vice President Joe Biden, after a meeting with his

Agency Proposes Increase to Physicians’ Hours

Resident physicians may once again be working shifts of over 24 hours, putting patients’ lives at risk. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) proposed last week to raise the limit on first-year residents’ shifts, allowing the new doctors to work up to 28 hours without sleep. The proposal would remove the five-year-old 16-hour

 To Understand Election, Look Beyond Race

The outcry over the election of the demagogue Donald Trump is righteous and necessary. The wealthy shyster fouled the already farcical 2016 election campaign with racist and misogynistic language and proposed few policies beyond those that would target Mexican and Muslim immigrants in unconstitutional and inhumane ways. Whatever his actual initiatives once he takes the

The Coming Transformation of U.S. Politics

On the eve of the 2016 election, it is time to take stock of our situation and our prospects. First, we must dispense with the notion that either of the monied candidates is on our side. They are not, nor is the plutocratic class that the next president will front. We are on our own

The FBI and Clinton: A Ruling Class in Disarray

In a surprising intrusion into the 2016 presidential election, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Director, James Comey, issued a letter to Congress on Friday indicating that the Bureau is again investigating emails associated with Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state. Whatever the merits of the investigation, its announcement 11 days prior to

Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize

Don’t get up, gentlemen, I’m only passing through. —”Times Have Changed” The news that Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature brings with it, appropriately enough, a conundrum: Does Dylan deserve the Nobel, and does the Nobel deserve Dylan? The answer is that, like a pair of lovers from one of


The writing is on the wall for the Republican Party, and it spells the end not only of the GOP as we have known it but of the two-party system on which the American plutocracy has for so long depended. The candidacy of Donald Trump is only the immediate cause of the demise of “the

Amber and Josh, A Potential Conversation

Amber brings two coffees and sets one down in front of Josh, the green feathers of her rising-phoenix tattoo glinting in the sunlight. “It’s all about trust,” Josh continues. He has begun explaining why he and Amber will be voting for Hillary Clinton. “So you started without me,” Amber says as she sits. Amber and