Jim Caton lives in Southeast Michigan where he teaches English and works as a freelance writer. A graduate of Wayne Law School, he writes on matters of constitutional law, public policy and international affairs. He is currently at work on a book of economic and social criticism entitled Ass Backward.

New Clinton Emails Expose Corruption

A new group of emails released Tuesday by the conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch implicates Hillary Clinton in back-door deals with Clinton Foundation donors during her time as secretary of state. The 296 pages of emails, obtained by Judicial Watch in a lawsuit over a Freedom of Information Act request, include exchanges that were withheld

Lesser Evil?

Those who plan to vote for Hillary Clinton this fall as the lesser of two evils should consider carefully their position. These are not our candidates. This is not our election. The New York Times, otherwise an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign, did have the honesty to run a story titled “Only 9% of


What will be the reaction now that millions of Americans have been Berned? For legions of Bernie Sanders supporters, the Vermont senator’s syrupy speech Tuesday night at the Democratic Party’s convention, culminating in his call for Hillary Clinton to be nominated the party’s presidential candidate by acclamation, was difficult to choke down.

The Case for a Socialist America

The Case for a Socialist America On the road the other day, I saw a bumper sticker that made me laugh out loud. Placed next to a “Bernie 2016” sticker, and in the same design, it read, “Giant Meteor 2016” and in smaller print, “Just end it already.” Leaving aside the particular disgruntlement of a

Unsafe Liquid Plumr Bottles Recalled

Unsafe Liquid Plumr Bottles Recalled The Clorox Company has recalled 4.5 bottles of Liquid Plumr whose caps are not child-proof. The recall was announced July 14. The bottles are easily opened by children, who would then have access to the highly caustic and toxic substance. Included in the recall are the products Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength

Tesla Admits Autopilot Involved in Montana Crash

Tesla Admits Autopilot Involved in Montana Crash Automaker Tesla has confirmed that its autopilot function was activated when a Tesla car crashed earlier this week. The Model X car collided with a guardrail near Whitehall, Montana. Neither the driver nor passenger was hurt. According to the Detroit Free Press, Trooper Jade Schope said the driver,

Class, not Race, at Heart of Police Shootings

Tonight Americans will turn on their TV’s, check their Facebook pages, watch YouTube and otherwise plug into the opinion-forming current of mass media. What they will see, hear and read from that mass media, corporate-owned and corporate-controlled, will try to persuade them that they live in a country torn in two by race. A country

Supreme Court Strikes Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court gave a major victory to abortion rights advocates on June 27 when it struck down a Texas law that put restrictions on abortion providers and clinics. The case, Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, was decided by a 5-3 majority. The 2013 Texas law placed two significant restrictions on abortions, the requirements that

Movie Theater Chain Wants Shooting Victims to pay $700K

Attorneys for the movie theater chain Cinemark want victims of the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting to pay $700 thousand in legal fees following an unsuccessful suit in which the victims sued Cinemark. The 2012 shooting left 12 dead and another 70 injured at the midnight premier of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. The