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Behind the Story of Ghostbed vs. Purple Mattress Lawsuit

With new features and more affordable products, the bed-in-a-box industry cut a pretty wide slice in the well-settled brick and mortar mattress industry. These companies took advantage of the tools and perks online stores could offer and re-shaped the way we buy beds.

How Casper Sued a Mattress Review Blogger – Then Financed its Takeover

The old saying “all is fair in love and war” has taken on new meaning in modern times, when it seems that “all is fair in business,” too. Multi-billion-dollar industries struggle to prosper while also maintaining at least the main ethical principles which usually bring good fame and customers. Thus, the more and more overheard question: where’s the line that separates “ethical basis” from “all is fair?” The Casper mattress company presents an interesting example.