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Carmen Maria Montiel, Former Miss Venezuela, Says She’ll Sue United Too

Carmen Maria Montiel, better known as the former Miss Venezuela, announced her plan to sue United Airlines over an incident that took place nearly three years ago. Montiel’s impending lawsuit is only the latest round of bad news for the beleaguered airline. The company’s stock suffered a small blow earlier in the week, after a

White Woman from South Dakota Claims Racial Discrimination, Wins Settlement

A white woman from Rapid City, South Dakota, reached a settlement with her former employer in a racial discrimination lawsuit. The company, Community Alternatives of the Black Hills, oversees and supervises private jail facilities. They went into court over an allegation that the woman, Alicia A. Kline, had been targeted by a supervisor for not

‘Re-Accommodated’ United Passenger Has Lawyers Initiate Legal Action

A United passenger, David Dao, who was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight launched a legal before the weekend began. On Thursday, Dao’s lawyers filed an emergency request with an Illinois court, asking that United be required to preserve videos and “other evidence relating to the incident.” In an incident that has sparked mass outrage

Farmington Doc Monge Dodges Jail After Touching and Kissing Teen Patient

Dr. Eliezer Monge, a physician in the Detroit Metro area, dodged jail time on Monday after being found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery. Following his sentencing hearing on April 10th, Dr. Eliezer Monge St. Laurent of Farmington, MI, was “ordered to pay court costs, perform 25 hours of community service and undergo counseling.” Laurent,

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban to Be Appealed in May

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a Monday order that they would hear an appeal on Donald Trump’s revised travel ban. The executive order was a revival of a failed attempt to bar the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. After a round of consultation with attorneys and foreign