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TWP: Female Employees of Federal Prisons Still Face Harassment

A recent Washington Post article outlines how female employees of federal prisons have found themselves repeatedly facing discrimination and harassment from colleagues and inmates alike. Taronica White, recounts the Post, relayed how misbehavior on the part of inmates can lead to poor conduct on the part of prison staff. Showing up for her first day

Washington Lawmakers Sponsor Bills to Take Sexual Harassment Out of the Workplace

Lawmakers in Washington state are making moves to out-maneuver sexual harassment in the workplace. According to the Peninsula Daily News, a Senate committee oversaw the introduction of several bills aiming to limit sexual coercion on the job. Among the proposals are a ban on non-disclosure agreements in cases relating to sexual harassment, as well as

Uber Contractor’s Gender Discrimination Suit Given Green Light

A former Uber contractor’s gender discrimination suit against the ride-sharing company is being allowed to move forward by a San Francisco judge. Ilana Diamond sued Uber Technologies, Inc., in October, claiming she was passed up for a full-time spot as the acting photo brand manager. Even though Diamond’s responsibilities as a contractor were synonymous with

Haven Hospice Announces Shutdown of Affiliate Hit With $5m Fine

Hardly a month after its affiliate was hit by a $5 million federal fine, Haven Hospice announced its subsidiary, VNA and Hospice of the Florida Keys, will shut down by February’s end. “Haven knowingly submitted false claims to the Medicare and Medicaid programs for medically unnecessary hospice care for certain patients who had lengths of

California Woman Sues Wal-Mart, Claims Racial Discrimination in Beauty Product Displays

A California woman is suing retail giant Wal-Mart on grounds of racial discrimination, claiming that it keeps skin- and haircare products used by African-Americans behind locked sliding-glass panels. The unusual display setup, she argues, serves little purpose other than to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are taken to criminality. Plaintiff Essie Grundy, a 43-year old

Florida Police Officers Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ To Excuse Brutality

Police officers accused of excessive force in Florida are trying to claw their way behind the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. Intended to protect civilians from accusations of force when using a firearm to defend their lives, ‘Stand Your Ground’ was intended to let ordinary people defend themselves without fear of arrest or incarceration. But,

U.S. Army Veteran Slated for Deportation Following Prison Stint

A U.S. Army veteran and convicted felon is being deported to Mexico, a country where he was born but hasn’t lived in over 30 years. [Video “Family rallies behind US Army vet fighting deportation to Mexico; posted by JS worldwild_news on YouTube.”] Miguel Perez, a former soldier and green card holder who’d served two tours