Ryan J. Farrick

Ryan Farrick is a freelance writer and small business advertising consultant based out of mid-Michigan. Passionate about international politics and world affairs, he’s an avid traveler with a keen interest in the connections between South Asia and the United States. Ryan studied neuroscience and has spent the last several years working as an operations manager in transportation logistics.

Trump Won’t Rule Out “Military Operation” in Venezuela

President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he wouldn’t rule out a “military operation” in Venezuela. Speaking to reporters at his New Jersey golf club, the commander-in chief explained what seemed to be a newly-developed position on the South American nation. “We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,”

Four New York District Attorneys Vacate Over a Half-Million Arrest Warrants

On Wednesday, district attorneys representing four of New York City’s five boroughs announced their joint decision to vacate over a half-million arrest warrants. The action serves as a way to free up courts from pursuing outdated and lost-cause cases. According to The New York Times, city officials began to aggressively ticket minor offenses starting in

Airbnb Cuts Out White Nationalists Bound for ‘Unite the Right’ Rally in Charlottesville, VA

Airbnb investigated and removed registered hosts from Charlottesville, VA, who appeared to be associated with upcoming ‘Unite the Right’ rally of white nationalists. Concerned users alerted Airbnb that members of the online neo-Nazi community The Daily Stormer were planning to use local properties to sleep and stage parties. Following a quick search of internal engines,

Montreal Struggles to House Haitian Asylum-Seekers Fleeing United States

The Canadian city of Montreal opened the grounds of one of its largest stadiums to asylum-seekers fleeing the United States. Hundreds of refugees began moving into the city’s former Olympic Stadium on Monday, taking up temporary residence in a public hall. Outfitted with dozens of cots, internet service, locker room showers, and concession stands, the

Immigration Courts and Deportations Fall From Obama-Era Highs Under Trump Administration

A surprising set of figures recently released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows that deportations under President Trump are proceeding at a much slower pace than they were under his predecessor, Barack Obama. The agency’s records show that, between February 1st and June 30th, ICE officials detained and deported 84,473 people. Effectively, immigration officials have