My name is Zainab Bashir Ahmed and I am a student of Law at Pakistan College of Law, one of the most recognised law schools of Pakistan. I have been part of various national and international women’s rights campaigns. My area of writing for my country’s capital newspaper is controversial areas of society, taboo issues which rarely people prefer to talk about. I am a permanent writer at The Day Spring Newspaper of Pakistan Youths First Centric Newspaper. I have recently written a law journal article on “Media trails and it’s reporting standards when it comes to sexual assault victims and rape victims” for PCLRP research center of Pakistan College of Law (Pakistan center of Legal Research and Publications). I am an activist registered at Spread the Word, a non-profit organisation that believes in empowering women across Pakistan, and have been part of many community services activities. I dedicate this essay to my principal Mam Tasneem Kausar, who is also Senior Professor of Criminal Law at Pakistan College of Law (University of London Programs also Punjab University LLB program) .