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Bail and Bail Bonds – All That You Need to Know

— June 16, 2021

Just in case the accused goes missing, the bail bond company or agent can reach out to the concerned co-signer and check for the money they owe.

Did you or someone you know get arrested? Two things can happen here. You either have to serve jail time or can get free from jail under bail. In the majority of cases, you need to post money or share collateral for getting released. 

Today, the majority of people don’t have the cash. So here, the bail bond companies come to help by providing bail bonds. You can find our 24 hour bailbond services in New Haven Connecticut here. 

Also, you need to know a few things about bail and bail bonds. 

  1. Your lawyer can minimize the bail amount

Usually, common crimes have a pre-established bail cost. However, few other crimes might require a hearing from the judge conclude on the apt bail money. Just in case the bail money is steep, an attorney can request for a hearing to reduce the bail.

Image by Wannapik Studios.
Image by Wannapik Studios.

The majority of the time, an attorney will opt-in for the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution which limits maximized bail. They will prove at court about your zero-flight risk. They will also prove that neither are you at risk for your community. However, the court might not bring down the bail money because someone can’t pay it. Therefore, the attorney must prove you are a scrupulous citizen. And as the process is on, you can wait for your trial.

  1. The bail bonds are secured and unsecured

The secure bail bonds are self-explanatory! There are times when the bail bond company might require collateral with a 10% fee. In the majority of cases, you will need a co-signer. In case of secured bail bonds, a collateral is essential that will act as a word for you to stay present for the court hearing. Also, it comes with an assurance that if you fail to appear for court hearing and the bail bond company loses out on the money that they issued for you, then they have the right to sell your collateral for recovering the loss. 

When it comes to an unsecured bail, there is no collateral required. Do you lack a valuable property or asset? If yes, then this bail type is a good choice. Unsecured bail bonds are accepted by the company when you agree to show up at the court. Usually, it’s applicable for a small crime. However, if you are charged guilty for murder, this bail bond is not for you. 

  1. You might need a co-signer for bail

Have you applied for unsecured bail bond? If yes, you might need a co-signer. Bail bond company or agents aren’t aware of you or your credibility. For this, they might want the contact of a person who is related to the accused person. The person needs to ensure that the accused person will be a part of the court hearing. 

Just in case the accused goes missing, the bail bond company or agent can reach out to the concerned co-signer and check for the money they owe. Should a co-signer assume that the accused person might skip the court hearing, then they should get in touch with the bail bond company or agent and ask for a bond withdrawal. It can make the accused experience jail time through the process of off-bonding. 

These are three important things that you need to know about bail and bail bonds. Once you know these essential aspects you can plan accordingly. 

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