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Bail Bond Scams Can Get You into More Trouble – Here’s How to Avoid Them

— January 20, 2022

In some fraud cases, a fake bail bond agent will visit an individual’s home and provide their services even before they ask for help. 

If you browse through the news, you will find that there are ample fraud cases in bail bonds. The majority of the scammers aim at those individuals who are in need of help. And it makes many people wonder how they can make sure that they have access to a legitimate bond service and steer clear from the bond scams. This article has you all covered if you have this thought in mind. 

The one issuing the bond

The initial thing to know about getting a bail bond is the fact who is issuing the same. There are fraud scams where people introduce themselves as a police officer. You need to know that no police officer issues any bail bonds. Hence, when you are managing the bail bond, you are in connection with a judge who in turn sets the bonds for the crime for which a person is guilty, along with the bondsman. To know more about this, you can check out Wentworth bail bondsman. 

Generally, police officers are involved in matters of the arrest. The issuing of the bond is always between your bondsman, the judge, and you. You or your friend can connect with the bondsman as the bail gets set. He will meet the individual who is paying for the bond. And if you are the one paying for the bond, the bondsman will connect with you in jail. The forms about this transaction will get signed for the contract about paying the bond. 

The act of issuing the bond

Several counties have a set cost schedule for various crimes. And such schedules depend not only on the crime but also on specific standards that the arrested person must cater to. When the criteria get met, the fee automatically gets set. It can enable the court to reduce the bigger group of individuals that the judge needs to see. It can also decrease the time a person should stay in overpopulated jails. 

As the bond gets issued for the offense, you get alerted during the booking process. The bondsmen can usually access the arrest records and bring up the same with your dear ones or your name. And they can assess the crime and let you know the bail bond amount. Hence, that indicates that the initial phone call will be made to the loved one to manage the bail or to the professional bondsman for initiating the process. 

The process of bond signing

Your loved one can sign the bail at the bail bond office, or it can get signed at the jail as well. You need to know that the bail bondsman will never visit your house. In some fraud cases, a fake bail bond agent will visit an individual’s home and provide their services even before they ask for help. 

Hence, when you contact a legitimate and reputed bail bondsman, the paperwork signing and bond posting follow a specific process. As the bond gets paid and then posted, you will get released from jail. However, if you wish to avert scams, you should know that it’s you who should connect with the bail bondsman instead of them reaching out to you. 

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