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Behaviors Considered Sexual Harassment in Bakersfield

— August 29, 2022

Touching someone in an unwanted and sexual nature is a serious form of harassment.

Bakersfield, CA – Sexual harassment can happen in various ways, and the illegal conduct in question may either be verbal or physical in nature. Victims should attempt to get their employer’s assistance to make the illegal behavior stop once it becomes a problem, although additional legal advice from an attorney may be necessary. 

California sexual harassment lawyers are available to explain more about how sexual harassment laws work, and they can offer specific advice to anyone who needs assistance. 

Verbal conduct

There are various kinds of comments, statements, and jokes that can be considered evidence of harassment. This includes explicitly asking or telling the victim something sexual, making fun of them for reasons such as their appearance or gender, or constant forms of verbal bullying. Victims should make the person engaged in these behaviors aware that their comments are unwelcome, and they can also notify their employer formally. However, if the harassment does not stop, help from Bakersfield sexual harassment lawyers may be necessary. 

Physical contact

Touching someone in an unwanted and sexual nature is a serious form of harassment. In some cases, this can also rise to the level of criminal conduct if the victim is assaulted or battered in a violent manner. Anyone who experiences unwanted physical contact should tell human resources or the person designated in their company to handle sexual harassment issues immediately to start an investigation and discipline the person responsible. 

Abuse by co-workers or customers

Sexual Harassment, Assault Lawsuit Filed Against Bloomingdale's, Exec
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While most sexual harassment is committed by the victim’s boss or superiors, this is not always the case. Employers have a duty to protect their workers from all forms of illegal harassment, even if the people responsible are coworkers, customers, or clients. If this kind of harassment from others happens consistently, it may meet the legal definition of a hostile work environment. The employer can attempt to protect the victim from the source of the harassment in various ways, so it is important for the victim to tell the appropriate people within the company after they start to experience harassment from other employees or customers. 

Retaliation for reporting harassment

While not considered sexual harassment directly, employees should not have to fear reporting sexual harassment out of fear of retaliation. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons that much harassment goes unreported. Sexual harassment lawyers can take additional legal action against any employer who retaliated against a worker for attempting to defend their rights and work in a safe environment. 

Bakersfield sexual harassment lawyers is a site that makes it easy for people to find lawyers in any state in the country. People who need legal assistance with sexual harassment or other problems can choose a relevant practice area and their location to schedule a meeting with a local firm. 

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