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Being Confronted by the Police After a Car Accident

— August 29, 2022

Accident scenes are constantly changing so the sooner a person begins gathering evidence, the better it is for their case.

For drivers who have never gotten into a car accident before, it can be nerve wrecking to think about their upcoming encounter with police officers and it only makes sense to be curious about what will take place during that initial post-accident confrontation.  Police officers have been trained in accident scene investigation and when these figures of authority arrive at the area of collision, drivers should make sure they cooperate with them fully. However, this does not entail that a person has to excessively give details to the officer.

A car accident attorney should be consulted after a collision, and they can more accurately tell a person what they can and should not say to the police officer. When the police officer arrives, they will examine the scene of the collision and asses any hazards that may have contributed to the accident. They will also secure the location so traffic can be thoroughly managed.

Image of a Car Accident
Car Accident; image courtesy of valtercirillo via Pixabay,

Police officers have a duty to serve and protect and they will do everything in their knowledge and power to safely secure the area and adequately record everything that took place. However, just because the police make a specific observation does not automatically make it true. The police report can be a vital form of evidence, but it may be proven wrong with the right evidence since officers are also prone to making mistakes and they do not always follow the required protocol. It is important to keep in mind that officers will make notes based on their observations and they are not required to listen to a person’s point of view or their side of the story. For that, the driver will need to connect with a car accident lawyer as soon as they can so they can start getting the legal advice they need to move forward with their car accident claim. 

What are potential car accident damages in Jackson, MS?

Accident scenes are constantly changing so the sooner a person begins gathering evidence, the better it is for their case. Once they have the evidence, they can claim certain damages so they can recover the financial and other losses suffered. If they were in a bigger accident involving a commercial vehicle, they will naturally be able to claim more damages. 

The most common damages that are claimed include property damage, and personal injury damages. Personal injury damages can include physical injuries such as a broken arm or psychological injuries such as significant pain experienced due to the accident. Connect with a car accident lawyer at the Heilman Law Group PA, today to start filing a car accident claim.

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