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The Benefits of Having an Immigration Lawyer When You Have a Business Visa

— July 22, 2020

Launching a business as an immigrant is already challenging enough; choose a legal team that best supports you throughout this journey. 

Immigration issues have been, and continue to be, highlighted on the United States national front. Throughout this process, immigration attorneys have taken on a wide variety of responsibilities. Immigration lawyers’ obligations range anywhere from representing clientele in courts to helping citizens from different nations work legally in the United States via a visa program. Among those roles, immigration lawyers can also help foreign nationals create and conduct business in the United States. By hiring an immigration lawyer or immigration firm with startup knowledge, you are able to weaponize the lawyer’s dual expertise on immigration law and business concerns. 

Immigration Lawyers Avoid Common Visa Mistakes

Before acquiring your visa or perhaps helping a loved one take college courses in the United States, you must fill out paperwork. While it sounds innocent enough, paperwork can be quite daunting. It is oftentimes lengthy and challenging to understand, particularly so for those attempting to enter as entrepreneurs. Having an immigration lawyer walk you through the twists and turns of visa application helps prevent mistakes from occurring. These mistakes, albeit unintentional, could jeopardize your future stay and business. Sometimes, it is truly best to leave it up to the professionals. 

Full Picture

While the saying goes, there is power in numbers; this is not always the case. A foreign-born entrepreneur should avoid hiring two expert legal teams, with one legal team designated for immigration and the other for business. If a business owner is leaning towards hiring two different sets of lawyers, these two groups naturally work on their unique legal facet in the company. Since the two legal teams do not typically cross paths, only the entrepreneur gets the full picture. Furthermore, choosing to have two separate legal teams equates to expending double the amount of time spent on corresponding with individual groups. Launching a business as an immigrant is already challenging enough; choose a legal team that best supports you throughout this journey.

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“One-Stop-Shop” Immigration Law Firms

Not only is it tedious, opting for two sets of lawyers, in lieu of a competent immigration lawyer who can help you with your business, it is costly. Immigration attorneys and firms know the legal elements of different business structures and the foreign entrepreneur’s role. Because of these characteristics, immigration attorneys are better equipped to assist you in applying for your visa. The requirements you may need to reach are contingent on your chosen immigration program. Selecting an immigration lawyer, who understands each structure’s ins and outs, can correctly position the business and the foreign professional. 

As previously mentioned, a competent immigration attorney can assist you in starting your new business or even expanding your already existing company. Whether large or small, your business’ expansion may materialize in a million and one different ways. For example, a challenge you could face is having a foreign employee. Your immigration attorney could help you bring over key staff members from abroad through an L-1 visa. Maybe you already received grants in the United States for further product development. Yet, you have not managed to obtain your visa. An immigration lawyer could step in and help you secure a visa under O-1A. Whatever the circumstances may be, the proper immigration attorneys can help facilitate you and your business’ growth. 

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