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Best Digital Christmas Gifts Received by Lawyers

— January 11, 2023

Take the nonlegal advice from these attorneys and get your favorite lawyers a digital gift to thank them for their service.

A Netflix subscription or a pocket projector? 

We got valuable insight from some very talented and successful lawyers. They told us what they really wanted for Christmas 2023. Whether you’re doing Secret Santa in your law firm or looking for a smart gift for the lawyer in your life, these lawyer digital gifts will take up no space and help make a successful year.

Dream Gifts for Lawyers

The following three categories of digital gift ideas were named by the lawyers we interviewed. They want something to enhance their quality of life, to facilitate communication within their business, and/or to perfect their overall legal knowledge and workflow.

To Enhance Quality of Life

“I would love to receive a nice subscription to a sleep and meditation app like Calm,” shares Mia Mancinelli, founder of Cloud Law Firm. Having used the app before, Mia has a lot to say about the benefits of de-stressing. “Working in the legal industry and being an attorney is stressful. It’s an action-packed world, and any type of escape from the busy emails, notifications, and the pile of work we have to get to is nice,” Mia continues. A subscription to an app like Calm or Headspace can help your favorite lawyer get some much-needed and well-deserved rest.

Speaking of rest, an Oura Ring is on Paul Deloughery’s wish list. “Some of my friends are using it, and I’m jealous,” shares Paul, managing attorney at Sudden Wealth Protection Law, PLC. To some, the Oura Ring may seem like an expensive sleep tracker. The truth is, it can provide a tremendous insight into your sleep and exercise habits and give you the tools to optimize them.

Ben Michael, an attorney at Michael & Associates, has a simple wish that many people lose sleep over—a subscription to a streaming service. “As an attorney, it can be incredibly hard to unwind after a long day,” Michael shares, “so having access to more streaming services in order to watch the shows I want to see would be much appreciated.” Gift givers have several to choose from, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more.

J. Augustus Sowell, Esq., chief reputation officer and general counsel at Saatva, is also a fan of subscriptions. “A great digital present would be a subscription to Uncommon Experiences, a platform that hosts various classes,” he shares. Despite their heavy workload, many lawyers have hobbies, too. Sowell elaborates, “I’d love to take a cooking class one day and then a storytelling class the next day.”

To Facilitate Communication with Clients 

“Almost anything that would save me time and make my clients happier would be ideal,” says Travis Christiansen about Christmas gifts. Owner and attorney at Boyack Christiansen Legal Solutions, Christiansen suggests a chatbot that could answer simple questions to save much of his time while making communication with clients easier.

Riley Beam, managing attorney at Douglas R. Beam, P.A., is all about streamlining and standardizing processes. He thinks every lawyer deserves a practical gift of a CRM tool, and LawRuler is his pick. “The legal CRM tool that forms a part of the platform enables a law firm to streamline client prospecting and lead generation and allows access to solutions that assist efficient collaboration with existing clients,” shares Riley. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Beam doesn’t stop there, suggesting another excellent tool for lawyers—a pocket projector. This tool will make conveying valuable information and presenting on the go an easy task. Riley puts a lot of emphasis on the need to “create the right impression and, more importantly, pass on the information we wish to share in an impactful manner.” A mini projector can do all that, and it fits in your pocket.

When a lawyer finally returns to base and spends some time in the office, what’s already on the desk can be more useful than a sleeping computer. Any busy lawyer who uses a digital calendar will surely appreciate the Tidbyt—a small LED display that shows bits of information, from stock prices to appointments and the weather. “It would be nice to be able to glance at the Tidbyt to see my upcoming appointments without having to click on my calendar on my computer,” shares Gregory M. Rada, Esq., owner and attorney at After Service LLC. Having a highlight reel running on your desk can help you focus on what’s important.

Man watching Netflix; image by Thibault Penin, via
Man watching Netflix; image by Thibault Penin, via

To Perfect Legal Knowledge and Workflow

Many lawyers will agree that the paperwork can really pile up and that there is no escape. It’s just a part of the job. However, J. Augustus Sowell, Esq., figured out exactly what he needs to take care of the pile of papers on his desk. “A perfect virtual gift for me would be a digital assistant/paralegal service to help keep me focused and not buried in paperwork.” A digital tool that could take over file conversion and editing could save a lawyer lots of time.

Andrew Pickett, CEO of Andrew Pickett Law, takes it one step further by adding a contract management, document assembly, and legal research software to his ideal setup. For this Christmas, Andrew would ask Santa for a “subscription to an online legal resource like Fastcase’s Law Library.” Such a service can help you stay up to date with current laws and regulations. It can also be a source of knowledge in any legal case.

The arsenal of legal tools we have assembled would not be complete without legal document review and drafting software. Much like a digital assistant, it will save a lawyer from drowning in paperwork by looking for errors in contracts. The time spent on reading and re-reading each contract can be used for answering emails, meeting with clients, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. 

A final gift idea on this list of things lawyers need, one of the best digital gifts for attorneys might be a subscription to LegalEase Citations. The software helps through “quickly, easily, and automatically creating legal citations,” shares Ethan Isaacson, US Attorney and the founder & CEO of LegalEase Citations. The tool is useful for all professionals in the field. 


Put an end to wondering what to get a lawyer for Christmas or any other holiday with this gift guide. Take the nonlegal advice from these attorneys and get your favorite lawyers a digital gift to thank them for their service. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend or coworker, some of these options can make work more efficient, but don’t disregard the importance of personal happiness. The best gift for a lawyer in your life might be a subscription to a favorite streaming service.

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