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Best Ways Health and Fitness Brands Can Boost Their Instagram Marketing Today

— June 3, 2021

When it comes to your health and fitness brand, you should use before and after images. It indicates that clients who opt for your fitness training are experiencing progress with your health coaching.

If you have a health and fitness brand to manage, boost your marketing efforts by using the photo-sharing app Instagram. Today, everyone uses smartphones, and therefore, you can share health-related photos, videos, Instagram Stories, Reels, and more to take branding to the next level. Then, using IG to post selfies and using the platform for your business are two diverse things. 

With competition soaring these days, you need to make the most out of Instagram to make your business reach out to your targeted audience. Remember that Instagram is a powerful tool to boost your marketing campaigns on social media. Here are some of the best ways you improve the branding of health and fitness business by using Instagram:

Upload stunning images and videos 

Instagram is a visual platform and therefore, you need to use the best visuals to make your posts pop. If your fitness brand page is just a mix of obscure, blurry images, poor quality videos, or screenshots, you will lose the social media battle on Instagram. Instagram is about aesthetics and so, you need to design your posts accordingly so that they look the best and wow your followers. The more awesome and stunning the IG grid, the more users will follow your health or fitness brand on this social media site. 

Images, Reels, Stories, Live, and IGTV content are some of the features that you can exploit to make the most out of Instagram. Make sure you click the shots in natural light, attractive backgrounds, and share high-definition photos and videos. 

If you are using carousels, be a little careful. That is because the photos could be compressed. Make sure you use subtle colors and develop your IG content in 1080×1350 or 1080×1080 dimensions. These are the best ones to use on Instagram.

Share before and after images

When it comes to your health and fitness brand, you should use before and after images. It indicates that clients who opt for your fitness training are experiencing progress with your health coaching. Then, you need to seek permission from your customers before posting before and after images. 

You can use the carousel feature of Instagram to share before and after visuals. It will help your audience to swipe through the visuals. IG would also display the carousels to your fans or followers more often compares to single visual posts. It builds more user engagement. You may even incorporate a client testimonial or some health quote on any single slide. Try this strategy and you can buy real Instagram followers for your health business. 

Design Instagram Stories 

You can keep your health brand in the minds of your customers by using Instagram Stories. That is because the content displays on the top of the major feed. When your IG followers engage with your posts regularly in the feed, your Instagram Stories will show up right at the beginning for them to notice easily. 

Instagram Stories is the best way to give your followers and clients a glimpse into your professional life as a health coach. Make sure you do not just share training videos through Stories but some shots related to your personal things. It could be anything like your day when you spend at home, or while you are vacationing. 

Such content gives your followers a glimpse of you as an individual and they can relate to you. They know that there is a human face behind your brand. They get to know the real person not just a health coach. Remember people like to do business with whom they can relate to easily. 

Remember to tag clients 

When you use the photo of your client, remember to tag them in your Instagram posts. Do so in the image as well as in the caption segment. When you are offering training to IG influencers, share an image by seeking their due permission, and tag such influencers.

Gym equipment. Image via Flickr/uesr:Skngov. (CCA_BY-2.0).

The influencer could be a celeb, a person who has a spa business, and even a local student who is into health and fitness. If these influencers have more followers, it will help your brand to have these people featured on your IG feed. They may re-post your images to their respective fans or followers. 

Users like to re-share Instagram Stories and therefore, remember to share posts to your IG Stories and tag the related profiles there as well. 

Use the best image editing tools

If you want to add more pizzazz to your IG images, use the best photo-editing tools or apps. You can use tools like VSCO, Aviary, PicTapGo, and Snapseed. There are numerous such apps to pick from and most of these tools are free. There are also video editing tools, like Lumen5 and InShot. 


Now that you have these tips and tricks, use them to boost your health and fitness brand. It will help you gain more likes, followers, and engagement on social media. 

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