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Follow Our Expert’s Tips and Boost Your Morning Productivity

— December 23, 2019

Early to bed early to rise seems to be a working theory in this context.

Have you ever wondered why most television stations have morning devotions running very early in the morning, or some have a fitness show? People wake up differently. While some wake up for their morning jog, others wake up with a cup of coffee in their hands. Well, preparing a cup is even easier if you have the best home cappuccino machine. All these are morning routines; the only challenge is whether they are productive or not. Morning productivity is essential, and below are some of the tips on how to increase productivity for increased efficiency.

Be an Early Riser

Early to bed early to rise seems to be a working theory in this context. Making it a daily routine to wake up early, not only on weekdays but also on weekends, can help boost your productivity. If you’re a meditating person, then you will find some time for your meditation before you start your morning preparation to go to work. You can exercise, stretch, or even go jogging without needing motivation. Waking up early has been research-proven to be the best morning routine for productivity. Not all renowned successful people start their days very early in the morning, but a considerable number of them do. In fact, most of them have this as part of their morning routines. Waking up early tends to boost brain functionality and can make one proactive, thus having more control over how your day will be.

Plan for the Next Day before Going to Bed

Creating a to-do list before going to bed is very important; image by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production, via
Creating a to-do list before going to bed is very important; image by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production, via

Planning helps you become more organized, thus making things flow smoothly in your workplace or even at home. Having a well laid out plan of the activities you should accomplish the following morning helps you keep up with your other duties. Productivity increases when you have the tasks written somewhere, and you can easily do a follow-up. Mornings can be rowdy, and you may end up doing nothing constructive if you don’t have any definite plans. Planning is one of the productivity hacks that will help you achieve more. Once you accomplish the activities you had noted down the previous day, you feel more rejuvenated to do more and more. It is a performance booster for you!

Tough Tasks First

In the morning, the brain is still fresh, and it can function very fast and in an effective manner. This is the best time to do that tough task that you have on your activities list before the brain is drained. Getting done with that tough task will make your work easier for the rest of the day because the remaining activities won’t require as much effort. This may just prove to be a smart hack on how to increase productivity because you may end up finishing the targeted tasks and even do more. Many people are most productive in the morning. Why don’t you try this out and see if it works for you?

Have a Proactive Mindset

There is nothing as strong as the human mind. It has the power to overturn your whole life without any effort. Your success or failure in life is dependent on the type of mindset that you have. A proactive type of mentality will have you expecting and believing that you will achieve nothing less but positive results in whatever you do. Every successful journey starts with believing and then you work towards achieving it.

Phones Out of Sight

Having your cell phone around is not a crime, but it’s never a good idea to keep it within sight. This is because they can be very distractive, thus, creating a great hindrance to your productivity. Have them, but keep them out of sight to prevent the urge to constantly check them. This may turn out to be the most productive thing to do not only in the morning but also throughout the day.


Everyone wants to be productive and everyone can be more productive than they already are. Try following these tips on productive things to do in the morning and give us your feedback on how you are finding them.

What are your best morning routines for productivity? Share with us in the comments!

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