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Bus Accidents: Can You Sue a Bus Company?

— July 19, 2023

Most bus accident cases can involve multiple liable parties, but the most commonly responsible ones are the owner or bus driver of the bus.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident and the bus company is liable for your injuries, making a claim against them can be a complex process. Sometimes it’s not even clear who the responsible party is or who you should sue.

Luckily, experienced bus accident lawyers can help navigate the process, so you can receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages. That’s why we compiled a quick guide if you’re planning on suing the bus company for your accident.

Suing Public Transportation

One of the most common questions that victims of a bus accident make is ‘’can I sue public transportation?’’ The answer to that is yes, you can. For example, if the bus driver or another worker of the bus caused the accident, there are many parties you can sue, such as the city, county, or state that manages the public transportation.

However, you’ll need help from a local attorney to help determine the liable party. Suppose the accident occurred in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can contact Raleigh Bus Accident Lawyers, who’ll work toward finding the responsible party that caused the accident.

Additionally, if the accident involves a city bus, you can sue the city for causing you injuries. But if you’re planning on suing the government, you need to consider hiring an experienced attorney because the case might get too complicated. In that case, North Carolina Bus Accident Lawyers can help you sue the government and ensure things are done properly.

Who is the Liable Party in a Bus Accident?

Most bus accident cases can involve multiple liable parties, but the most commonly responsible ones are the owner or bus driver of the bus. Although you might think you have it all figured out, you’ll most likely need the assistance of Raleigh Accident Lawyers to determine the proper parties.

For positive outcomes, you also need to have proof the bus driver or the owner of the bus made was responsible for the accident. The most common cause of bus crashes is negligence and it usually includes the following:

  • The bus company didn’t properly maintain the bus, which can lead to mechanical failure.
  • The bus driver was distracted or driving under the influence and caused the accident.
  • The bus driver was inadequately trained by the bus company and caused the crash.

Additionally, there’s another essential step you can take to prevent similar crashes in the future. Suppose the accident happened in Raleigh, you can make a complaint to GoRaleigh – the city’s bus system, which can take precautions against neglectful bus drivers or bus companies.

Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering?

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Although most victims tend to overlook pain and suffering settlements, you can still receive fair compensation for your emotional injuries. These types of damages are usually calculated depending on the testimony of witnesses who have a clear understanding of your injuries and have dealt with similar claims.

However, in many states, there’s no limit regarding pain and suffering damages. As a result, the settlement offer for your pain and suffering often depends on the cost of your expenses and other factors, such as:

  • How much evidence do you have about your injury
  • How much pain your injury caused
  • How intense and long the medical treatments were
  • Whether you had any permanent effects of the injury
  • The length of your recovery
  • How has your injury affected your daily life

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