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Can Reinstatement of a License Be Given After a DUI in Washington, DC?

— May 2, 2023

Driving under the influence cases often become very complex, very fast.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime, and drivers who are penalized for such crimes will first initially have their license revoked. This can be a huge blow to their daily routine and can make it impossible for them to get to work or to attend important classes and meetings. Anyone who finds themselves in such a situation should seek the help of lawyers. Once Washington DUI lawyers’ step into the picture they can help a person turn their case around, so the court verdict is in their favor. District of Columbia DUI lawyers will build a robust case to present the events of the DUI in a favorable light to the judge, so the rights of the defendant are prioritized and carefully adhered to.

Trying to defend oneself or apply for a reinstatement of a license without the help of DUI lawyers is always a detrimental mistake that can make things a lot more complicated for individuals in the long run. When applying for the reinstatement of a license, the fee will have to be paid and any previous tickets need to be paid off right away. The correct application will also have to be filed, and individuals can get help with this through the assistance of DUI accident lawyers. 

A hearing will take place to determine whether a person is eligible or not to have their license reinstated. If a verdict is given in the negative and the hearing concludes that a driver is not allowed to have their license reinstated due to certain elements of their situation, then it is possible for drivers to appeal the denial of reinstatement, and this appeal must be made to the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board.

Lawyer preparing a file; image by advogadoaguilar, via
Lawyer preparing a file; image by advogadoaguilar, via

What Can a DUI Lawyer Do to Help in Washington, District of Columbia?

Driving under the influence cases often become very complex, very fast. This is especially the case when there are several elements tied into the initial DUI charge faced by the driver. Since DUI is such a dangerous action, it often involves other damages such as car accidents, injuries, and even the death of individuals involved. All of these factors have to be taken into consideration and lead to subsequent charges that have to be dealt with along with the DUI.

If a person was hurt during their DUI accident, then the last thing they will have on their mind is their legal case. However, the urgency of the matter, and court hearings mandate that the driver acts fast and stays at the top of their game from the very beginning. This is where a qualified attorney steps in and takes the load off the motorists’ back. Attorneys handle everything from investigating the case to representing a person in court so their chances of being penalized severely are minimized. 

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