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Canadian Event Pushes for Meng Wanzhou’s Release

— December 21, 2020

I attended the virtual event “Zoom to Free Meng Wanzhou” which was organized by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, the Canadian Peace Congress and the Hamilton Coalition to Stop War.

The purpose of these organizations is to prevent wars and disputes. Further, they fight for humans’ rights. During the event, there were calls for the release of Meng Wanzhou and the two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

The event was organized as it has been two years Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver.

Bianca Mugyenyi was the host of the event. She represented the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, an organization that “makes sure Canada does the right thing.” She said she organized the event because she is deeply concerned about deteriorating relations between Canada and China.

Bianca Mugyenyi said that Meng Wanzhou had travelled through six countries with extradition treaties with the United States. However, none of the countries arrested her. Canada did when Meng arrived in Vancouver.

The arrest has had a big impact on Canada’s relation with China. It has impacted the economy and according to Bianca Mugyenyi, has led to increased Sinophobia.

The event stressed that there is a new cold war, and that the world does not need conflict between Canada, the United States and China. Hostage diplomacy is not the right way to deal with fighting over the economy. Bianca Mugyenyi pushed for the return of Meng to China and the Michaels to Canada.

Photo: Paul Manly, Green Party MP for Nanaimo, speaks during the “Zoom to free Meng Wangzhou” event. Screenshot was taken by Alistair Vigier.
Photo: Paul Manly, Green Party MP for Nanaimo, speaks during the “Zoom to free Meng Wangzhou” event. Screenshot was taken by Alistair Vigier.

Paul Manly, a federal member of parliament (MP) for the Green party in Nanaimo, British Columbia said our Extradition Laws must be respected. He said that the Trump system abused the trust of the Canadian authorities. Mr. Manly also said that the arrest meeting happened right before a G20 meeting between Xi and Trump.

“Meng’s arrest was not important or important. Days after Meng’s arrest, Trump said that it could be used for trade negotiations. As a result, the “Michael’s” are sitting in a Chinese jail with no end in sight.” – Paul Manly

It’s Paul Manly’s hope that Joe Biden, the United States president-elect, will withdraw the charges against Meng, and that the extradition request will be cancelled. If the United States drops its charges against Meng, it can still continue its charges against Huawei.

“If Manly acknowledges that Trump’s goals were ‘hostage diplomacy’ then why not push for a unilateral rejection of the extradition requisitions?” – from Joel Wendland-Liu in the Zoom chat

There was another speaker who identified as K.J. Noh. An internet search showed that he is a journalist for the Asia Times. K.J. Noh often writes about Meng Wanzhou. K.J. said that Meng was kidnapped, and that Donald Trump admitted it was political. K.J. said that Canadian integrity is on trial, not Meng.

“We’re not Trump puppets. Canada must #FreeMengWanzhou now” – Matthew Furgiuele from the events Zoom live chat

He showed pictures of Meng growing up and her children and that she is a human being.

He stressed that Canada does not have sanctions against Iran. He also said that trade with Iran is not a crime.

“What was the harm of the fraud? Who got hurt?” – K.J. Noh

K.J. Noh went on to say that the meeting between Meng and HSBC took place in Hong Kong. He also said that even if she committed bank fraud, the real issue was political. This is a private matter between HSBC and Meng.

“If Meng had lied to the bank, no harm. HSBC cannot get in trouble for Meng lying to them.” – K.J. Noh

In conclusion, K.J. said there was no lie and no fraud. He went on to take issue with Justice Heather Holmes’ interpretation of double criminality. K.J. said that the judge did not consider politics.

Further, he said it could set a dangerous precedent. Could judges start using laws from any country? This is a mockery of Canada’s own laws and sovereignty.

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