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Career Change? Here are 4 Trending Job Roles In 2021 to Consider

— February 3, 2021

Whatever your desires, whatever your set of skills, whatever your resume says, 2021 has never been a better year to find a new job and get yourself a fresh start.

Starting a new year with a new career can be both an exciting opportunity and a daunting prospect. But, it is also an opportunity to have a fresh start and a clean slate, amid all of the chaos of the previous year. As the world changes around you, you must change with it. Adapt, overcome, survive. There are many new job opportunities opening up each and every day. Here are some of the best jobs to find this year: 


It should go without saying that healthcare is stretched wafer-thin across the world at the moment. In order to rectify this, many countries have begun calling their retired doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to come back from retirement and serve on the frontlines of the pandemic. This is mainly to fill huge staff shortages. 

If you have any interest in the medical field, this is definitely the time to take a dive in with both feet, there are definitely jobs waiting for you. You don’t have to be a fully qualified M.D to lend a helping hand where necessary. Senior housing complexes and facilities are crying out for nurses, in-home-care is also understaffed, with more seniors staying at home due to the pandemic, the need for their needs to be met by in-home-care is skyrocketing.

It’s not just the front-line, patient-seeing staff that are necessary in the healthcare field at the moment. Even if you have no interest in treating patients or dealing with people, various administrative positions are available as well, and your role in those positions is just as vital as those who do see patients and save lives. 2021 is definitely the year to get into a career in the healthcare field. 

Trucking industry 

In a time of global crisis, the one thing that kept countries afloat was the supply service industry. Mainly, the trucking and delivery industries. Truckers were rightly heralded as heroes and heroines for the role they have played and continue in keeping people fed and clothed and keeping the supply chains rolling. You’d be responsible for the delivery of critical goods from one place to another and would play an integral role in keeping the world’s population fed.

Rear view of a white semi-truck; image by Craig Adderley, via
Rear view of a white semi-truck; image by Craig Adderley, via

Due to the sacrifices truckers are asked to make by spending potentially many, many days away from family, they’re well-compensated. Starting salaries are around $60,000/year, stretching as high as $100,000+. The global pandemic has forced us to rethink who and what is ‘essential’ and truckers are considered to be one of those ‘essential’ workers. Join an industry with lots of upward mobility and a career that transcends locations, so you can find work no matter where you live. 

Financial advisor 

Financial advisors will also be critical as the new year begins. Whether people are still receiving emergency relief money they received from their governments at the beginning of this pandemic, or have bought a new house because of the excellent market prices. Financial advisors are in high demand right now. If you have a finance background and are looking for a new way to help people manage their money this year, becoming a financial advisor is one pathway to that goal. 

Financial advisors are really useful for people who aren’t sure how to manage that new injection of relief funds from the government or new monies received from the sale of their house that closed in a far smaller window than they had anticipated. If you like to figure out solutions to people’s financial problems, becoming a financial advisor is the best way to do that. Check out your local banks and see if they’re hiring! 

Project management

With the world transitioning to online-based, well, everything, there has perhaps never been a better time to get a job in the tech field. Whatever your skillset with computers, there’s likely a job for you in the industry. Entrepreneurs need help building websites, major companies like Amazon and Microsoft need customer service support as their customer base booms in the New Year due to everyone using their computers more often and shopping online. 

For those who are software-oriented, companies are designing new phone applications all the time to help people better manage the current global health crisis. Finally, in ultra-high demand are project managers. The explosion of tech companies over the last year and their utility — with everyone being online — has meant the need to hire project managers as fast as possible. This is as they try to keep up with the demand for new things from an entire population who spent a whole year online. If you think you have what it takes, look for companies hiring project managers near you.

Whatever your desires, whatever your set of skills, whatever your resume says, 2021 has never been a better year to find a new job and get yourself a fresh start.

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