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Castrations Occur After New Sexual Abuse Laws Put into Place

— September 24, 2019

Two women castrate their husbands while new chemically induced castration laws are growing in popularity.

A Newport, North Carolina woman is in jail after “severing her husband’s penis,” according to the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office.  Victoria Frabutt, 56, was arrested and charged with “malicious castration and kidnapping” under state laws after officers arrived Frabutt’s 61-year-old husband said she had “tied him up and pulled out a knife.”

“Deputies were able to recover the body part where it was immediately put on ice and transported to medical personnel,” the sheriff’s office said.  Frabutt is being detained at the Carteret County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond and her husband was taken to a hospital in Greenville.

There was a 13-minute call made to 911 after the castration.  During the call, Frabutt claims she is both the “sword and the light” and says she “cannot call her husband a man because he refuses to renounce Satan and ask God for mercy.”  She then calmly tells the dispatcher that a “clipper” was used in the attack, and when asked where the weapon is at the time of the call, Frabutt replies, “Somewhere in the bedroom.  I don’t know where.”  The dispatcher asks, “What kind of clipper?  It is a hair clipper?”  Frabutt confirms, “No, no, it’s more along the lines, well actually it’s good for pruning roses.”

Castrations Occur After New Sexual Abuse Laws Put into Place
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, a woman named Maria (her last name withheld), recently strangled her husband, Oleksandr, while he slept, beheaded him with an axe and then severed his penis and fed it to their dogs.  The 48-year-old woman told authorities she had suffered “domestic violence for ages” and felt her actions offered her “the only way out.”

This happened after Ukrainian authorities passed new laws this year allowing for the forcible chemical castration of convicted pedophiles and rapists.  The legislation is expected to affect thousands of men aged between 18 and 65 found guilty of raping or sexually abusing minors.  Pedophiles will face “coercive chemical castration” by use of an injection.  This “involves the forced injection of anti-androgen drugs consisting of chemicals that should reduce libido and sexual activity,” authorities confirmed.  The law will apply to “all child rapes including unnatural rape and sexual abuse of children above and below the age of puberty.”

National police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin said, “Five children were raped in four regions of Ukraine…within just 24 hours.  And these are the crimes which parents reported to police despite their fear and anxiety to do so.  We can only guess how many latent sexual crimes against children we have in the country.”

Under the new laws, Ukraine will also establish a public registry of pedophiles jailed for child rape and sexual abuse of minors, and these criminals will be monitored for life by even after being released.

A similar law was just passed in the United States, specifically in the state of Alabama.  Criminals convicted of rape and pedophilia will be chemically castrated if they receive bail.  “This treatment is required to be carried out by a qualified doctor for the foreseeable future or until a judge deems it no longer necessary,” according to state officials.


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