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Change Your Words towards Magic

— May 25, 2021

You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Changing Your Wording Can be So Powerful! Once having learned to shift the tone of an internal dialogue, one can become much more driven and productive. Please understand that your word is your wand. The words you do speak create your own destiny! Remember realizing just how many acts of willpower it took to get you to work, through work, and home after work. Changing your words over a period of time can make you more centered.

Look at it this way: What many of us do try to do is replace anxiety with the concept of calm. This does not work because calm is not an aroused emotion. Excitement, like anxiety, arouses emotion. It increases heart rate and cortisol, preparing our body and mind for action. However, excitement produces a positive emotion, unlike the negative one anxiety produces.

Do understand it takes a lot more effort for us to go from a negative state of arousal to a state of calm than it does for us to go from a negative state to a positive state of arousal. Moody women need to understand this. It is easier to go from happy to sad (or sad to happy) then it is to go from any emotion to “chill.” We are not going to be “chillers!”

So, when you are excited not anxious, you seem to be more persuasive, confident, and persistent. One more example is seen in the realm of ego depletion to understand self-control and the effects of depletion on behaviour. It is found that the way we perceive work-related tasks correlates to how depleted we feel. When we think a task is going to be fun, not only will we spend more time on it, but we will feel less depleted by it.

So, it is important to replace the words:

Replace “Calm down” with “I’m excited.”

Replace “I don’t want to” with “I get to.”

Replace “I’m scared” with “I’m pumped.”

Besides just eliminating the number of choices made throughout the day, you will only discover that you could actually shift the way you thought about the choices you could not avoid. One can stop dreading the things one has to do and start reminding oneself that you can get to do them. Because activities were only depleting if one thinks they were and stressful situations are only scary if one thinks of them that way. For instance: Monday will be only scary only if you think about it being scary.

Image by Gabriel, via
Image by Gabriel, via

How you go through your life is shaped by how you think about things. The mind is as strong as it is weak, and we can use its susceptibility to our advantage. We can trick ourselves into thinking that increased heart rate, sweaty hands, and the pulse of adrenaline are not anxiety but excitement. Like magic, we can also deceive ourselves out of a depleted state with rituals and tricks. The opposite of work is play, and if we can learn to add more play into our lives, to stop taking every email, obstacle, and problem so seriously, we may just be at the cornerstone of chill.

Once we know how to balance out our routine, we will certainly know how to work around our preferences as well… By balancing out our daily chores… we will know what is the purpose of belonging. Once we know where we belong, we will be able to word it in the right spirit as well. Once we know what to word, how and when we will automatically know how to shape our life for our betterment. As the words we use will shape our attitude and in turn that very attitude will shape our life holistically!

When a flower does not bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

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