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CHD to Host ‘The Rally to Reclaim Free Speech’ as SCOTUS Hears Landmark Censorship Case Murthy v. Missouri

— March 15, 2024

The rally takes place on the day arguments in Murthy v. Missouri are heard. The case alleges government officials colluded with tech giants to censor social media content.

Washington, D.C. — The Rally to Reclaim Free Speech will take place in front of the Supreme Court of the United States on March 18 at 9 a.m. ET — the same day justices will hear arguments in a landmark case, Murthy v. Missouri (formerly Missouri v. Biden), alleging government officials colluded with tech giants to censor social media content.

The rally will be live-streamed on CHD.TV starting at 9 a.m. ET on Monday. Oral arguments will begin at 10 a.m. ET as members of the public rally for free speech and preservation of the First Amendment outside the courthouse.

Featured speakers include:

  • Mary Holland, Esq., Children’s Health Defense
  • Pierre Kory, M.D., FLCCC Alliance
  • Paul Marik, M.D., FLCCC Alliance
  • Del Bigtree, ICAN
  • Aaron Kheriaty, M.D., plaintiff in Missouri v. Biden
  • Jeffrey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute
  • Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit
  • Daniel O’Connor, TrialSiteNews
  • L. Todd Wood, Creative Destruction Media
  • Amy Bohn, PERK
  • Christina Parks, Ph.D.
  • Mary Talley Bowden, M.D.
  • Tricia Lindsay, Esq.
  • Sujata Gibson, Esq.

The rally is co-sponsored by Children’s Health Defense, liber-net, Informed Consent Action Network, Brownstone Institute, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, The Gateway Pundit, TrialSiteNews, Creative Destruction Media, Stand for Health Freedom, Bravest for Choice, Defeat the Mandates, Teachers for Choice, Health Freedom Louisiana, Health Nut News, Autism Action Network, My Kids My Choice, Meadows Bee Farm, NY Workers for Choice, The Finest Unfiltered, and Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

“This is arguably the most important free speech case in the history of our nation,” said CHD President Mary Holland. “The implications of the upcoming SCOTUS ruling are monumental for the rights of Americans as guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

CHD and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a related case, Kennedy v. Biden, in March 2023 in the Western District Court of Louisiana that was consolidated with Missouri v. Biden at the trial court level. The judge in that case granted Kennedy v. Biden a preliminary injunction, which has been postponed pending a decision in Murthy v. Missouri. CHD has submitted a friend of the court brief in Murthy v. Missouri on behalf of the Kennedy v. Biden plaintiffs.

“We welcome all who value free speech to join us in our nation’s capital while this historic case is being heard,” said Holland. “As CHD’s chairman on leave, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. points out, our Founding Fathers put the right to free expression in the First Amendment because all the other rights depend on it. In his words, ‘A government that has the power to silence its critics has license for any kind of atrocity.’”

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Children's Health Defense logo, courtesy of CHD.
Children’s Health Defense logo, courtesy of CHD.

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