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Choose a Healthier Option of Consuming Cannabis

— March 24, 2021

Using CBD-infused suppositories as you would do for normal glycerin suppositories is another weird but effective way of consuming cannabis.

If you are consuming cannabis to derive its health benefits, you must consider the healthiest way of consuming it. Smoking is the most popular method of consuming cannabis because it allows the herb to act fast, provided the user is convenient and comfortable with smoking. But there are no completely safe ways of smoking weed, even if it is the purest and the bud is free from pesticides purchased from online shop Green Society. Smoking weed or cannabis is harmful to your health in the same way as tobacco because it contains similar carcinogens and toxins. 

However, some methods of consuming cannabis are slightly less harmful than some others. 

Smoking or vaping- which is better?

Although smoking and vaping are different and use different devices, remember that none of the methods is better than the other because the smoke or vapor mixes with the bloodstream and affects health. Vaping is not healthier than smoking and can have serious health effects mainly because of inhaling vitamin E acetate, a chemical additive present in many weeds containing THC. Therefore, those consuming weeds for recreation should especially be careful about this aspect. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the additive is responsible for lung injury caused by vaping weeds or smoking it in the form of e-cigarettes. [Editor’s note: The issue of vitamin E acetate occurred only in illicit vape products, not those produced legally. Due to the lack of inhalation of burning matter, vaping marijuana actually is a healthier option than smoking. We apologize for the error.]

Vaping cannabis has stronger effects than smoking regardless of the THC content in the product, which exposes users to the risk of overdoing.

Other methods of consuming cannabis

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis, via
Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis, via

To avoid smoking or vaping, you can choose some other method of consuming cannabis in the form of edibles, tinctures, sublingual, topical, and suppositories.

Edibles – Chewing or ingesting edible cannabis is better than smoking as it does not harm the lungs but takes a long time to kick after going through the digestive system before mixing with the bloodstream. However, the effect lasts longer, and you can choose from a wide range of edibles like gummies, candies, and even baked goods.

Tinctures – The liquid cannabis that comes in bottles with droppers are the tinctures made from a mixture of cannabis extracts and alcohol. You can add a few drops of tinctures to some drinks, and depending on the dose, place a few drops under your tongue.

Sublingual – This category of cannabis consists of films, tinctures, and dissolvable tablets that you do not swallow but place under the tongue doe gradual absorption. The saliva mixes with the product and oozes the cannabis, which enters your body through the mucus membranes so that it acts faster and you feel the effects much quicker.

Topicals – Those who want to avail the health benefits of cannabis without allowing it to affect the brain or lungs would prefer to use it in the form of balms, creams, and patches. Applying it to the skin relieves pain and inflammation. 

Suppositories – Using CBD-infused suppositories as you would do for normal glycerin suppositories is another weird but effective way of consuming cannabis.

Consider what seems most comfortable and healthy for you and choose the product accordingly.

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