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Coach Accused of Sexually Harassing Female Soccer Pro in Philadelphia

— January 10, 2022

Paul Riley is vehemently denying all of the allegations laid against him. 

FIFA is investigating shocking allegations against a soccer coach named Paul Riley, who has been coaching womens’ soccer teams in the United States for years. He has been accused of sexual harassment by more than one player, and the incidents stretch back to his tenure as coach of the Philadelphia Independence. Since then, he has allegedly gone on to commit sexual harassment on numerous other occasions. 

It’s easy to forget that professional athletes are employees too. Although they may have “dream jobs,” they still have to show up for work each day, and they still work alongside their fellow teammates, supervisors, and coaches. This working environment can easily become toxic, and players can suffer sexual harassment just like another person. If you have suffered sexual harassment in Pennsylvania, it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you file a lawsuit and hold negligent parties accountable. 

Two Former Players Accuse Paul Riley of Sexual Misconduct

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On October 1st of 2021, it was reported that Paul Riley had been accused of sexual misconduct by two former players in the National Women’s Soccer League. Riley was immediately fired from his position at the time at North Carolina Courage, and the commissioner of the league Lisa Baird was also forced to resign in disgrace. FIFA also opened an official investigation into the case – a rare move from the international organization. Finally, US Soccer officially suspended Riley’s coaching license. 

What is Paul Riley Being Accused Of?

Two players have come forward with accusations against Paul Riley: Sinead Farrelly and Mana Shim. Farrelly claims that her abuse first began in 2011, when she was playing under Riley for the Philadelphia Independence. The soccer team no longer exists. He has been accused of having inappropriate relationships with his team members, and Farrelly has accused him of sexual coercion. The pair worked together on many other teams, during which Riley drank with his teammates and began harassing other players. Mana Shim was subjected to numerous “sexts” from the coach. Farrelly and Shim eventually found themselves Riley’s hotel room and were asked to kiss each other by the coach. 

A Pattern is Beginning to Emerge

Paul Riley isn’t the first coach to be accused of this kind of behavior, and the entire league’s reputation has been repeatedly damaged by past allegations. We shall have to wait and see whether real action is taken to address this issue. Paul Riley is vehemently denying all of the allegations laid against him. 

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