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Compelling Reasons for Connecting Corporate Social Media Platforms

— December 2, 2022

Using an integrated social media system allows the business to monitor the conversations customers are having with employees.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be a big issue. Companies find it harder to respond promptly to followers on different platforms and face more difficulty navigating the various social networks on which they have a presence. Delaying in responding or ignoring comments and questions by followers can damage the company’s reputation and make it harder for the company to recognize trends or the efficacy of its marketing campaigns. Connecting multiple corporate social media accounts is the perfect answer to establishing and maintaining a high level of customer engagement. Some of the top advantages of connecting social media accounts include:

Unify Different Social Media Platforms

The most obvious benefit of connecting social media platforms is the ability to standardize the company’s different social media network presences. The company can use one platform to track and respond to all the comments and queries posted by your followers on different social networks. It can manage all purchases and sales and complete all scheduled tasks using an easy-to-use user interface. According to a leading social media marketing systems integrator, methods like parity-based Link Building can help the business rank better in search.

Receive Unlimited Messages

When you have a connected social media system, you empower yourself to receive messages from customers from all over on a single integrated system without needing to visit the various social media platforms your business uses one by one. The system will also feature advanced features to enable you to sort and classify conversations according to whether they are by existing customers or potential customers. The better classification system allows businesses to address issues raised by followers more promptly and in a customized manner for better overall satisfaction levels.

Enable Unlimited Users Access to Different Social Media Accounts

One of the most significant benefits of connecting social media platforms is the company can provide access to its social media accounts to as many employees as its wants. You can allow your employees global access to address customer queries or allocate specific tasks for each employee for better responsiveness to customer issues. The increased level of oversight makes it possible for the company to deliver a higher level of customer service.

Faster and Easier Communication

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Communicating with customers and followers using different social media platforms can be exhausting. You may miss out on comments and posts and rob yourself of an opportunity to engage customers. You can eliminate the need to navigate between different social networks to respond to followers, making communication easier and more prompt for better responsiveness. The speed of response to customer queries and complaints is an important differentiator in the eyes of customers regarding the professionalism of the business. According to Search Engine Journal, social media allows businesses to communicate faster with their customers.


Using an integrated social media system allows the business to monitor the conversations customers are having with employees. The managers can stay on the ball better on emerging issues and deal better with company-wide issues and specific complaints and feedback regarding product design, performance, retail experience, after-sales service, shipping, and warranty issues, among others. It can also help the business track its performance across different parameters.

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