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Conspiracy Theorist Jerome Corsi Sues Mueller and Gov’t for $350m

— December 13, 2018

Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is filing a federal lawsuit against special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI chief charged with investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged relationship with Russia.

Now, the 72-year old conspiracy theorist is saying he faces indictment by Mueller. Corsi claims the special counsel illegally searched his phone records and leaked grand jury information.

Worst of all, Corsi says, was Mueller’s attempt to force the aging author—who once penned a book accusing former president Barack Obama of being a radical Muslim—to testify against Donald Trump.

Recounting Corsi’s own speculation, Fox News reports that the man ‘theorized that investigators hoped he would admit to a connection with WikiLeaks’ Jualian Assange. The connection would bolster their Russian collusion investigation.’ Moreover, Corsi claims that his alleged affiliation with Assange would make it easy for Mueller to rope in former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Image of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is charged with heading an investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government. While Corsi’s lawsuit may seem ridiculous, the charges he’s facing aren’t. He reportedly turned down a plea agreement offered by Mueller. Image via Flickr/user:James Ledbetter. (CCA-BY-2.0).

Corsi, reports CNBC, is an avid supporter of the current commander-in-chief.

Along with Mueller, Corsi’s suit names the Justice Department, National Security Agency, FBI and CIA as defendants.

“Defendants Mueller, DOJ, NSA, CIA, and FBI have engaged in ongoing illegal, unconstitutional surveillance of Plaintiff Corsi, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and the USA FREEDOM Act as well as targeted ‘PRISM’ collection under Section 702 of the Foreign Sovereignties Immunity Act at the direction of Defendant Mueller,” Corsi’s suit says. ridicules the lawsuit as ‘ridiculous,’ at least when taken at face value. Not only does it offer no evidence against Mueller or any of the other defendants, but it contradicts statements Corsi himself has made about his supposed involvement with the special counsel’s investigation.

What motive Corsi could have is anyone’s guess, but Salon manages an educated estimation: that the conspiracy theorists’ suits are meant to drum up support for President Trump rather than address genuine grievances.

The attorney spearheading the litigation, Larry Klayman, is described by Salon as a “far-right legal activist who tried to make a citizen’s arrest of President Barack Obama and claimed Democrats paid off the Florida pipe bomber.”

His filing also appears to have been less-than-competent–national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss told Fox that the lawsuit miscited “the Foreign Sovereignties Immunity Act,” intending instead to highlight supposed violations of “the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.”

Salon says that last week, acting on a request from Corsi, Klayman lodged a “criminal complaint” against Mueller for making false statements, attempting extortion and running afoul of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

At not point, writes, did Klayman apparently inform his client that only U.S. attorneys can file criminal complaints with the federal government.

Corsi’s attorneys are demanding $100 million in “general and compensatory damages” and $250 million in “punitive” damages from the agencies.

Corsi, who is actually being investigated by Mueller, reportedly turned down a plea bargain offered by the special counsel.


Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi files a $350 million lawsuit against special counsel Robert Mueller

Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi sues special counsel Robert Mueller for $350 million, claims illegal leaks, rights violation

Corsi sues Mueller over alleged grand jury leaks, seeks $350M in damages: report

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