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Consumers Suing JonnyPops for False Advertising and Deception – Product Does Not Contain “Simple, Wholesome Ingredients”

— March 13, 2024

Class action alleges JonnyPops misrepresented the nutritional content of its ice pops by advertising they are fruit filled when just one pop exceeds the recommended daily limit on added sugar for children.

LOS ANGELES – A class action lawsuit has been filed against JonnyPops LLC for alleged misleading packaging and advertising of their ice pops that suggests its products contain real fruit juice when they are made mostly of added cane sugar, not living up to the advertised “simple, wholesome ingredients.” This deceptive practice attracts consumers to pay a premium for products that are advertised as carrying better nutritional value. The lawsuit alleges JonnyPops violated the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the California Unfair Competition Law and the California False Advertising Law.

The lawsuit alleges that JonnyPops markets its products as containing “simple, natural ingredients” that are “better for the whole family,” and consistently uses images of children consuming their ice pops, sometimes two at a time. Additionally, the company misrepresented the nutritional content of their frozen treats by prominently displaying fruits on the packaging when the products mainly consist of added sugars, leading to consumer deception and overpricing.

In reality, the ice pops derive their nutritional content from cane sugar instead of from fruit, just one pop exceeds the recommended daily limit on added sugar for children. There are health risks associated with high sugar consumption, especially for children, so there is a huge importance for food companies to provide accurate food labeling to inform consumer choices.

The suit seeks various remedies, including restitution and injunctive relief for affected consumers. View the full complaint by following this link.

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