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Content Tools You Can Use to Improve User Experience in 2020

— May 7, 2020

You have obviously heard the phrase “Content is king!” It does not matter how much you optimize your UX, if you don’t have good content, you won’t make it.

It’s officially the quarantine season! We know, we probably should not be this excited. But, we have an insightful blog that might just fill you with excitement too. This blog covers all the tools you need to improve the UX of your site. You will find tools that will help you research the user experience of your site and tools that would help you build interactive content. Finally, we have also included tools that can help you in creating visual and written content.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start! 

UX Research

You will find a lot of UX research tools in the market. But then, multiple choices only lead to confusion. This is where a thorough examination of a tool’s features can help. We dug around and found a tool that you might like best:


Usabilla is an amazing tool that helps you collect qualitative & quantitative user feedback for your website, emails, apps, & WebPages.

Here are some useful features of this tool that you can leverage to improve the UX of your website:

  • Feedback Screenshots – Users can choose to give specific or generic feedback on your site. If the user chooses to give specific feedback, they can select specific elements using the intuitive element selector & leave feedback on the same. Once the visitor sends the feedback, you will receive a screenshot & HTML of the element, a full-page screenshot, & the feedback data.
  • Intelligent Targeting – Based on the user’s activity on your site, you can trigger feedback forms and conduct slide out, full-page or exit surveys.
  • Real-Time Analysis – You can collect, export & analyze user feedback in real-time. You can also implement changes to your site based on real-time user feedback & improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand context with user data – The feedback comes with metadata about the device and user. You can use this information to find out UX issues specific to a browser, IP address, screen resolution, etc. 
  • Respond to urgent Bugs – Usabilla offers instant notification & automated labeling in case of bugs. This enables the right team to respond quickly.

Here is how Usabilla helped Trivago, a global hotel metasearch company, to improve its user experience. 

The User Research team for Trivago wanted to understand what was happening throughout their customer’s journey & if they needed to make improvements on the Trivago site. This led them to partner up with Usabilla.

The Usabilla platform helped them to gather real-time customer feedback from the site.

Now, the Trivago team has the data to help them prioritize projects, identify opportunities to optimize the website based on the user’s need, validate if changes are truly delivering results, and build a customer-centric approach using feedback.

Now that is what we call a success story! 

Interactive Content

Interactive Content is what you need to make your UX more interesting & engaging. And, when we talk about interactive content, Outgrow is the only platform that comes to my mind.


Outgrow helps you create interactive content that attracts, engages & increases your conversions using the Inbound Methodology.

Laptop with screen saying, “I design and develop experiences that make people’s lives simple.” Image by Ben Kolde, via
Laptop with screen saying, “I design and develop experiences that make people’s lives simple.” Image by Ben Kolde, via

With Outgrow’s simple drag and drop interface, you can develop interactive content in a matter of minutes without any need for coding.

You can embed the results easily on your websites and blogs to improve the user experience and increase user engagement.

Outgrow can help you with:

  1. Create viral interactive content to gather qualified leads.
  2. Create interactive content types like quizzes, calculators, polls, surveys, chatbots, and giveaways/contests.
  3. Extract intelligent analytics about users and help in customer segmentation.
  4. Embed interactive content on landing pages, social posts, websites, and email campaigns.

Outgrow helped Inventrom, generate more than 30,000 leads & more than 50,000 profile visits with a conversion rate of 63%. Inventrom created an interactive quiz and offered a discount based on the user’s assessment score. This intrigued the users to participate not only to assess their knowledge but also to receive a monetary benefit. The assessment asked for contact information right before showing the results. This helped Inventrom generate qualified leads. 

Written Content

You have obviously heard the phrase “Content is king!” It does not matter how much you optimize your UX, if you don’t have good content, you won’t make it. Here is a tool that can help you with your written content.


Use Readable to make your content readable! Confused? Don’t be! Read through.

If digital marketing is your forte, then you already know the importance of good content on a website. It’s how your audience learns about your organization and what it has to offer.

However, no matter how detailed your content is, it isn’t going to be effective unless it is readable. Readable is a tool that can help you with just that! 

Some Key features of Readable:

  1. Website Scanning- Readable can scan your entire site and point out where you need to optimize.
  2. URL Analysis- You can also analyze a particular URL or a group of URLs of your choice. Feed the URLs to Readable using a CSV file & it will show you the scores.
  3. Email Scoring- Send a copy of your latest email campaign to the ReadablePro email address, and it’ll score the readability of your email.

Read how Readable helped Village PR, a company that provides communication support to non-profits across Canada.

Visual Content

Visual content is something that will give your website a happy feel! No one wants to look into dumb text on a website. So, here are two tools you can use to create attractive visual content to improve your UX. 


From website owners to digital marketers, everybody needs an attractive banner to grab the attention of the audience, especially on your ecommerce platform.

However, it might often be overwhelming to use heavy software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. This is where Creatopy comes in. You can drag and drop text, images, buttons, clipart, etc. and create a beautiful banner in minutes.

Some cool features:

  1. Export in JPG, PNG, HTML, Gif or MP4– Improve your UX by embedding animated HTML, Gifs or MP4 banners to your site. Also, download static banners in JPG & PNG formats.
  2. Compatible with any Ad networks- You can run ads on any online ad networks with the banners you create.
  3. Stock images and templates- Choose from a wide array of stock images and pre-made banner templates, this makes your job easier.
  4. Analytics- You can track Impressions, Clicks, CTR, etc of your banners using the inbuilt analytics tool.

Envato Elements

One of the most important elements to improve the UX of your site is by adding images and videos. Envato is a gold mine of images, videos, sounds, etc.

If you are a developer, a graphic designer, a video creator, then a subscription of Envato is what you must keep handy.

What has Envato in store for you?

· Videos

· Photos

· Sounds

· Presentation templates

· Fonts

· WordPress templates

Anything you could ever need to create stunning visual content, Envato has it ready for you. So go ahead and check out the endless possibilities that Envato has to offer.


UX experience continues to be one of the biggest priorities for most companies. 

It might be possible that you have just started investing in UX experience. Alternatively, it is possible that you have been focusing on it for a while now.

Either way, there is always scope for improvement. 

And, these tools just might be the perfect partner in crime!

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