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ContractPodAi Cloud Launches More Legal Applications on Its “One Legal Platform”

— February 8, 2022

ContractPodAi Cloud adds Litigation and Corporate Governance applications available out-of-the-box.

ContractPodAi, the award-winning provider of the AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) led ‘One Legal Platform’, announced it has expanded its ContractPodAi Cloud platform to include pre-built applications like corporate governance and litigation now available to in-house legal teams out-of-the-box. In spring 2021, ContractPodAi expanded beyond CLM with the launch of the ContractPodAi Cloud platform, ‘One Legal Platform’ which streamlines all in-house legal processes. This innovative no-code platform allows teams to manage any legal scenario, process, or document using the platform’s pre-built and configurable applications which can be set up to any legal use case.

“Our ContractPodAi Cloud unified legal platform continues to evolve and grow as we work together with legal departments around the world,” said Sarvarth Misra, CEO of ContractPodAi. “ContractPodAi Cloud puts the needs of corporate counsel at the center of the technology experience, and we are dedicated to providing the best legal platform on the market for in-house legal teams.”

The pre-configured corporate governance application allows legal teams to create synergy between legal applications as they manage all corporate entities alongside contract management, litigation, IP, and other applications. Legal teams can quickly and easily view documents related to entities such as meeting minutes, articles/bylaws, mandates, and more – all in one platform. The litigation application allows legal teams to manage the complex workflows and timelines of threats and case management with automation and an intelligent system designed to simplify the user experience and mitigate risks. The workflow engine allows legal teams to track litigation through discovery, hearings, settlements, enforcement, and more.

In addition to the above, ContractPodAi has also expanded its core functionality to include thousands of key data points which could be applied to all legal use cases, CLM, and beyond. Foundational features of ContractPodAi such as risk and compliance, legal AI review, and smart task manager are built on this extended list of key legal obligations which provide tools to the end-user to perform strategic actions. ContractPodAi is committed to expanding its offering to legal teams and providing legal with the most powerful platform on the market.

About ContractPodAi:

ContractPodAi logo courtesy of ContractPodAi.
ContractPodAi logo courtesy of ContractPodAi.

Well-established as the leader in end-to-end contract lifecycle management, ContractPodAi harnesses the unrivaled AI power of IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure for leading corporations around the world. Now, the platform’s robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use capabilities have been extended to handle the entire, end-to-end legal lifecycle – any use-case, any document type, any scenario.

ContractPodAi Cloud amplifies your business’s readiness through our partnerships with complementary technology providers including IBM, Microsoft, DocuSign, and Salesforce. ContractPodAi® is headquartered in London and has global offices in San Francisco, New York, Glasgow, Chicago, Sydney, Mumbai, and Toronto. ContractPodAi is the recipient of several awards and has been named a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Contract Lifecycle Management.

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