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ContractPodAi Expands Leah’s Capabilities with New Generative AI Applications for Legal Professionals

— May 17, 2024

Continuous innovation further transforms legal’s role within the enterprise through new Helpdesk and updated Draft application.

London, UK – ContractPodAi, a leading and innovative provider of solutions for legal generative AI and contract lifecycle management, announced the availability of Leah Helpdesk to provide a first line of legal support through self-service and updates to Leah Draft to automate contract drafting processes.

“In-house legal teams are increasingly taking on more work, and we’re excited that we can provide immediate relief to our customers, through Leah,” said Gabriel Buigas, EVP of Legal and Compliance Solutions at Integreon. “With Leah’s new offerings and updates, customers can immediately take advantage, and reap the benefits, of GenAI services. These will enhance our ability to drive true transformation for our customers, at scale.”

“We are creating tremendous value for the market by offering unique products that empower legal organizations to become GenAI powerhouses and reimagine their day-to-day work,” said Atena Reyhani, Chief Product Officer at ContractPodAi. “This reinforces our commitment to helping legal professionals drive greater business benefits and increase operational excellence.”

Leah Helpdesk

Leah Helpdesk revolutionizes how legal teams interact with the greater organization. The application provides a GenAI legal knowledge library for legal teams and connects legal to the enterprise by providing first-level legal guidance for business users across the organizations. The application is flexible and scalable, allowing customers to create expert Helpdesks and map to applicable Leah models. For example, based on whether swift or more complex responses are needed, applicable Leah models are engaged, combining speed and intelligence to users with predictive intelligence. With instant access to relevant information in the Helpdesk’s legal knowledge library and guided decision support, legal teams can focus on high-value, strategic work, improving overall efficiency.

Leah Helpdesk serves as a reservoir of expertise, enabling legal professionals to streamline their workflow and focus on strategic initiatives. The application facilitates quick and accurate decision-making, combining speed with unparalleled accuracy.

3D Render of robot with books by kjpargeter, via
3D Render of robot with books by kjpargeter, via

By democratizing access to legal knowledge through GenAI-driven legal guidance, this not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures compliance with legal policies and procedures without necessitating direct consultation with the legal team, empowering business users to make informed decisions based on Leah’s outputs. Furthermore, GenAI brings real-time, rapid responses to the business users’ questions. Leah Helpdesk is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French and others.

Leah Draft

Leah Draft now brings a first-of-its-kind conversational user experience to drafting properly structured and cleanly formatted legal documents. Through Leah, the document drafting process is simplified with intuitive, natural language interactions, making the creation effortless for users of all skill levels. These documents can be created with GenAI and are fully governed by the organization’s language and rules, ensuring compliance and consistency.

This application can quickly, and easily, be deployed thanks to Leah’s GenAI-driven template harmonization and onboarding processes, as the GenAI enhances deployment processes through its template onboarding features, simplifying setup. Its library of models and engineering techniques allows organizations to tailor the solutions to their drafting needs.

About ContractPodAi

Recognized as a Visionary by Gartner in 2021, 2022, and 2023, ContractPodAi is lawyer-led and AI-powered. The company revolutionizes the way legal teams, law firms, and individuals author, analyze and manage documents on an unprecedented scale.

Leah delivers secure, enterprise-ready innovation to accelerate growth and ensure measurable ROI for any legal scenario. Going beyond mere task automation, Leah redefines legal processes, empowering strategic thinking and offering real-time, precedence-based analysis. This is more than legal tech; it’s Legal ReimaginedTM. Headquartered in London, ContractPodAi® empowers teams across the world – in New York, Glasgow, San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, Mumbai, Pune, and more.

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