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Cosmetic Surgeon, Boutte, Hit with More Litigation from Former Patients

— June 11, 2018

Cosmetic Surgeon, Boutte, Hit with More Litigation from Former Patients

Dr. Windell C. Davis-Boutte and her center have been hit with numerous malpractice lawsuits from former patients concerning improper care, and worse, with their attorneys alleging that the center routinely uses unqualified staff and misleads patients.  The doctor has already settled several of these cases.

Millions of viewers watched a viral video of a Boutte singing along to the rap song “Cut It” while cutting into one of her patients.  Now, the woman in the video is saying the surgery she received left her disfigured, and she never gave Boutte permission to post the video online.  The video is one of twenty that Boutte shared on YouTube that depicts her dancing alongside her staff and singing over exposed patients.

“To see that video, with my flesh being cut, without a straight line, and dancing while cutting me?  That’s horrible,” said the 37-year-old Louisiana resident.

Another patient, a 30-year-old from Florida, recently filed a lawsuit with similar claims.  The client says that Boutte invaded her privacy by posting photos of her exposed body on social media.  Her lawsuit also says that before undergoing cosmetic surgery, she had expressly forbidden the doctor from using any photos of her without her permission.  She is also claiming her surgery was botched.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Boutte had recently settled a case involving a 54-year-old former patient who was left with permanent brain damage when her heart stopped after eight hours of surgery.  Icilma Cornelius, a bride-to-be, arrived at the Lilburn office of Dr. Windell Boutte to receive Botox and another anti-wrinkle treatment.  While there, the staff recommended cosmetic surgery that could give her a flat stomach, which she felt would be great before her big day.  Instead, she never got to get married and will never live a normal life again.

The Louisiana woman, who asked to be identified only by her first and middle names, said that when she saw the video, she recognized her body.  The day after it aired, Latoyah Archine said that Boutte called her, and in a recorded conversation, Boutte asked her to make a one-minute testimonial in her defense on social media.  She also texted Archine: “Cut It is your song, girlfriend.  You did awesome.”

Instead of providing the requested statement, Archine declined to help and contacted the media to report Boutte.  She said the surgery left her buttock misshapen and she has a scar that can’t be hidden.  She plans to pursue legal action.

Amanda Phillips filed in state court in DeKalb County.  She has claimed that she went in for a procedure called SmartLipp, which is less invasive than traditional liposuction, but, instead, Boutte subjected her to the standard procedure. “We think this was a pattern and practice of Boutte,” Phillips’ attorney Joseph Wilson with J.L. Wilson Trial Law in Atlanta, said.

After surgery, the former client was left with open wounds that had to be treated at a Florida hospital, and permanent scars thereafter.  A medical expert consulted for her lawsuit said that Boutte was too aggressive with the liposuction.

Wilson also said Phillips was shocked to recognize photos of her body on the doctor’s social media sites. “Prior to the procedure being performed, she never consented to any photos being put out there of her,” he said.


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