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Critical Questions You Should Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer to Understand Your Case

— June 29, 2020

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will significantly help you settle your case but hiring the wrong one will only waste both of your time and effort. One way to prevent this is to ask these critical questions.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you a lot of benefits. From getting your claims to filing cases in court, your personal injury lawyer is there. Instead of doing all the hard work, you’re sure that someone processes all your paperwork. What’s more, you only pay your lawyer on a contingency fee basis. 

However, you must learn more about your lawyer. Doing so will help you understand your case better. That’s why it’s important to ask these questions to a personal injury lawyer before hiring him: 

1. Have You Had Previous Cases Like Mine? 

Aside from asking the lawyer’s qualification, you must not forget to ask whether they have taken similar cases from yours. Just because they’re a personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t that they can get you a settlement that easily. There’s a possibility that they haven’t encountered a case that’s similar to yours. That’s why it’s best to ask this question. 

If it’s the first time that the lawyer handles a case such as yours, then they might be new to the area of practice. Or, they may be skilled in dealing with other personal injury cases, but not the one in your case’s category. If this is so, it’s up to you whether to continue hiring the lawyer. You can also choose another personal injury attorney in Coatesville PA that has experience with your case. 

Ideally, don’t be shy to ask this question because most jurisdictions now make attorneys provide data about their previous results and cases. 

2. How Long Will It Take to Get My Case Be Resolved? 

You should ask how long your case will take so that you’ll know whether the lawyer knows how to make your case a success. Through their answers, you’ll see whether they will settle your case quickly or take to trial. 

Depending on your case, the length may take up to 30 days for settlement. Usually, the insurance company will review your case within 30 days. However, with the help of your personal injury lawyer, you may get a result faster. 

If you don’t agree with the amount they pay you, you can take your case up to court. Then, you may need more time as you need to prepare documents and the like. With your personal injury lawyer’s help, completing the necessary documents will become faster if they know the process.

Gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via
Gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via

Knowing how long your case may take is vital so you can prepare yourself, your time, and your expenses to settle your claim. 

3. What Are Your Winning Chances? 

You should ask your lawyer what they think about your case, whether it’ll get a positive result. Don’t just sit back and wait for your lawyer to do the work, but you must have an insight into whether your personal injury lawyer can win your case or settle it quickly. 

Also, ask about your lawyer’s previous winning chances. Although past performance won’t determine your case’s result, it’s best to set your expectations. If your lawyer says that your case could win easily, then verify how they’ll do it. Thus, check on their previous cases, whether it has succeeded or not. That way, you’ll know whether your lawyer is just saying that to ease you. 

If your lawyer presents your factual assessment rather than a promise, especially if you know that your case may be on the losing side, then the lawyer may be truthful. Then, ask them what they’ll do to make your case settle out and in court. That way, you’ll know if the attorney is prepared for your situation. 

4. What’s My Role in the Case? 

Ask your personal injury lawyer what your role is during the case. Don’t trust someone who says that you won’t have to do anything because, in reality, you still have something to do. Although your lawyer will work more, you still have a part to take. 

An honest personal injury attorney will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. You might not know it, but some actions may hinder the faster settling of your case. For instance, they may forbid you to talk to any witness. 

Even if you must help your lawyer, they’ll remind you not to perform any legal work. Instead, you may only be allowed to take medical check-ups and the like. 

If you’re aware of the things you need and mustn’t do, you won’t compromise your case, especially if you’ll take your case in trial. 

Before trial, your lawyer will give you a heads-up on court etiquette to help win your case. 


Hiring a personal injury lawyer will significantly help you settle your case but hiring the wrong one will only waste both of your time and effort. One way to prevent this is to ask these critical questions. That way, you’ll know whether the lawyer has taken up cases like yours. 

You’ll also know how much the case will take your time, and if your lawyer can help you settle in faster. Also, asking their winning chances can help you know the possibility of your case. Lastly, you should know what your role is during the case, which your lawyer should provide.

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