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Dangerous Rollover Crashes – What are Some Common Reasons?

— March 4, 2022

The majority of the rollovers are single-car accidents.

Getting rolled over in a street accident in unpleasant. Rollover crashes take place and result in severe fatalities and injuries most of the time. If you understand the common reasons for these accidents, you can stay protected and steer clear of tragic accidents. 

However, in case a negligent driver causes you an injury because of the rollover crash, you need to get legal help from a car accident lawyer. To know more about it, you can check out Eric Ramos Law, PLLC. 

The driver’s mistake and rollover accidents

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Association states that the mistake of the driver has an essential role to play in such accidents. Also, overcompensation in the urgent driving situations instead of securely steering through them, is the common culprit. Hence, if you are ever in a situation where you are driving in an emergency because of your mistake, you might overcompensate due to panic. Today, particular driver errors are conducive for such overcompensation. 

  1. Driving in high speed – Speed plays a bigger role in dangerous rollovers than any other traffic accident. Speeding is the responsible for 40% of the severe rollovers that takes place on streets, with close to 55 mph, speed limit. 
  2. Traveling on country roads – The rural highways and the roads witness more rollover accidents. These roads usually don’t have security features that they should have. Hence, close to 75% of the rollover fatalities take place on the rural roadways with a speed limit of 55 mph. 
  3. Driving being impaired – Impaired driving is never a safe thing to do! However, it doesn’t sufficiently relay the important role which impairment plays in the severe rollover accidents. If you count, almost half of the dangerous rollovers include impaired drivers. The moment you have a driving urgency, even a minimal amount of alcohol can provide to be dangerous. 
  4. Driving on faulty manufactured, damaged and worn tires – The vehicle tires usually tether us on the road. And when they are not up to the mark for the task ahead, we become vulnerable to severe accidents, which also comprises of rollovers. Your capacity to manage the car securely in an emergency will correlate to your tire condition. Usually, when the driver loses control, there are rollover crashes. 

Multi-car rollover street accidents

Usually, the majority of the rollovers are single-car accidents. However, there are times when the rollover crashes can take place with more than a single car as well. Hence, the accidents get typically anticipated on the drivers who use excessive speed. It could also be because of drivers who drive under the impact of drugs or alcohol. It could also be because they aren’t able to manage the road. Sometimes, the weather conditions can also lead to accident. 

Hence, there are a few of the reasons for which most rollover accidents take place. To resolve the situation legally, you need to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. Make sure that you join hands with an expert lawyer, who has the necessary experience and can manage your case effectively and get you the compensation that you deserve. 

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