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Dennis Begos Provides the Best Way of Taking Care of Your Eyes During Covid-19

— May 19, 2021

It would help if you discontinued wearing lenses if you are sick.

Taking care of your physical and mental health is stressed by various authorities. However, taking special care of your eye is vital. Medical practitioners and health professionals have emphasized comprehensive vision care and eye health. Doctors of optometry are trying to adhere to local, state, and federal health protocols for combating the spread of COVID-19. 

They are trying to implement appropriate safety protocols for reducing the risk of the pandemic. Not only sterilizing and cleaning the equipment but effective management of patient health is encouraged. Physical distancing norms are taken care of in the clinics of the optometry. Apart from this, they are trying to limit the number of visitors. They are allowed to wait in the waiting rooms.

Emphasis on the use of gloves and face masks are encouraged by various higher authorities. These clinics also take care of COVID-19 screening and temperature checks. It thereby limits the chances of the spread of the virus.

Dennis Begos Illustrates Some of the Best Ways of Taking Care of Your Eyes During a Pandemic

Apart from safety protocol and social distancing norms, you have to notify the doctor in case of symptoms of COVID-19. Loss of sense of flavor or smell, high fever, cough, and cold are some of the symptoms of COVID-19. Maintaining six feet of distance from other individuals while in a public place is crucial. Try to prevent touching your nose, eyes, and mouth while in a public place. Wash your hands with water and foam for twenty seconds after you come from a public place. In the absence of water and soapy foam, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.

Scentsational Hand Sanitizer is Recalled for Methanol Contamination
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For taking care of your eyes, you can get in touch with a doctor of optometry. They will provide you with proper vision guidelines and eye health. If you wear contact lenses, you have to consult the doctor to reinforce the effectiveness and safety of contact lenses in these times. Apart from this, you have to follow the below-given points:

  • Contact lenses: When you handle lenses, you have to practice hygiene and proper care. Since you are touching your eyes and face while removing and inserting the lenses, you have to keep your hand germs free.
  • Handwashing: While using spectacles or contact lenses, you have to thoroughly and carefully wash your hands with water and soap. According to Dennis Begos, try to dry your hands before you handle your eye care equipment. In the absence of water and foam, you can use alcohol-based sanitizers for hands. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.
  • Disinfection of contact lenses: You may dispose of the lenses every day or regularly disinfect them after every two weeks. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer while disinfecting the lenses.

Apart from this, it would help if you discontinued wearing lenses if you are sick. If you suffer from the flu or cold, do not use contact lenses for a long time. Keep in mind that there is no indication about protecting yourself by way of spectacles from COVID-19. You may get in touch with your doctors of optometry for further guidelines and advice.

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