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Determining Delta-8 Dosage

— August 25, 2021

Delta-8 may not be as psychoactive as THC, but it can still throw you off balance if you take too much of it.

Delta-8 THC is the new bride of the Cannabinoid consuming population. Many people who dislike marijuana and THC due to their mind-altering effects have embraced Delta-8 because it is less psychoactive. But make no mistake, dear reader; Delta-8 may not be as potent as THC or marijuana, but it will get you high. Taking a few doses will give you a natural high that will induce a semblance of euphoria similar to what you feel when you use THC. Due to its potential benefits, it has become a highly demanded product with a growing market for it.

Delta-8 has no doubt, being a result of years of research and hard work as scientists spent countless hours in the lab researching cannabinoids and experimenting with them in different forms. Today, there are different brands of Delta-8 products that consumers can buy over the counter and online because it is not an illegal cannabinoid. However, there is still a lot of confusion about the appropriate dosage for Delta-8. Products that come in capsules, tinctures, vape cartridges, and gummies are everywhere but do they have the same dosage? Read on to find out.


Delta-8 dosage requirement is one question many people ask about the product more than anything else. Knowing the answer to this question is vital because Delta-8 has psychoactive properties. So taking too much of it may lead to adverse consequences. Furthermore, some people have a much lower tolerance level than others, and an overdose of Delta-8 may prove catastrophic. When using Delta-8, there are two factors you need to consider.

  1. The actual dosage amount
  2. The milligram capacity 

To understand these two points better, let us break down how they are calculated in Delta-8 products by answering certain questions.

Is CBD and Delta-8 Dosing the same?

Many people who use CBD products assume that Delta-8 will have similar dosage requirements. However, this is not the case because both products have different levels of intoxication. While CBD is not psychoactive, Delta-8 is, so taking the same amount of either will lead to different effects. Delta-8 effects will be stronger than those of CBD, so if you take a similar dosage to CBD, you may likely be taking too much.

If you are new to Cannabinoid products, you should exercise caution at the start. Start small in the beginning and gradually increase your intake as your system gets used to it. Taking too much, in the beginning, will lead to a heightened state of euphoria. What we mean is that you will become very high as a new user, and this state may last for a long time before the effects wear of. The only luck you will have is that you will not experience the paranoia and anxiety associated with Delta 9 THC. Despite this, you will still feel very uneasy and uncomfortable.

Delta-8 Milligram dosage

There are two factors to consider when evaluating Delta-8 in milligrams. These factors are:

  1. Strength 
  2. Dosage guide 

For the milligram strength, you need to understand that the milligram strength has a very strong relationship to the level of potency. The higher the milligram, the stronger the potency. So have it in mind that a 100 milligram Delta-8 will be more potent than a 50 milligram Delta-8. That will be twice the potency of a 50-milligram product. If you use it in tincture form, a double drop of Delta-8 oil is twice stronger than a single drop.

Guide charts are mostly used for tinctures. Common Delta-8 Guide charts show the following 

  • Beginner level – 5mg-15mg (low tolerance)
  • Intermediate level – 15mg-45mg (Medium tolerance)
  • Advanced level – 45mg-150mg (High tolerance)

Although most tinctures use this guide chart, many other products in tablet and gummies forms also use the above chart classification. Delta-8 is about 50-70% of Delta 9, so you still want to be careful with the volume you consume. As a beginner, you want to be mindful of the dosage you take. As an intermediate user, you also want to avoid taking a dosage meant for advanced users with a much higher tolerance level. Taking fewer milligrams and increasing it gradually as you become used to its effect is the best way to avoid an overdose.

How long before Delta-8 effects kick in?

Black and white analog egg timer; image by Marcelo Leal, via
Image by Marcelo Leal, via

This will depend on the form with which it is taken. Vaping will take about 10-20 minutes to kick in. If you ingest it as a gummy, it will take about 1-2 hours before you start feeling the effect. The same is the case when taken as a tincture or soft gel capsule. You should adhere strictly to the dosage requirement based on your tolerance level because when you take Delta-8, you may have the urge to take more because you will enjoy the feeling without any adverse effects. However, the drug may already be working even if you don’t feel the effects yet.

This is why users are advised to adhere to dosage requirements at all times. Delta-8 may not be as psychoactive as THC, but it can still throw you off balance if you take too much of it.

Factors to consider when taking Delta-8

Here are some basic factors to consider when using Delta-8 THC

Tolerance level: Be mindful of your tolerance level. A first-time user will have a lower tolerance level than an intermediate user, and an intermediate user will have a much lower tolerance level than an advanced user. To this end, make sure that you use it based on your tolerance level in line with the dosage specifications.

Bodyweight: Weight plays a huge role as far as drugs are concerned. People with more weight can handle a higher dose than lightweight individuals

Your objectives: Are you using Delta-8 to get a mild highness or a very strong one? The outcome you seek should determine how much of it you use.

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