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Do This to Avoid Problems with Wyoming Homeowners Insurance Claims

— March 2, 2022

A letter of denial is not final.

When your house is damaged by wind, hail or fire, you’ll be relieved knowing that you have home insurance at least and they will take care of your losses. You file a claim, they give you the money and your house will be fixed in no time, right? If only it were that easy. If you want to avoid problems like unreasonable delays or a denied claim, you need to know exactly how you need to handle such a situation. 

Do I need an insurance claims lawyer?

Many people wonder whether they need an insurance claims lawyer. That depends on the type of damage you have. For a small claim, like a broken fence or a couple of smashed windows, you don’t need a lawyer. However, if your house is badly damaged and it requires extensive repairs, that’s going to cost a lot of money. Insurance companies hate it when they have to pay out large claims and they will fight you for every penny, so it would be advisable to talk to some good Wyoming homeowners insurance claims lawyers before you do anything.

What do I need to do when my house is damaged?

When your house is damaged by an event you know is covered by your insurance, you should notify your agent right away.  Preferably, within 24 hours. Failure to notify your insurer promptly may result in your claim being denied. 

Take pictures or videos of the damaged parts of your house. 

Take steps to prevent further damages by covering a torn roof with tarp, turning off water supplies and boarding broken windows. If you don’t, your insurer might refuse to compensate you for your damaged belongings arguing they were destroyed due to your negligence and not by the insured peril.

However, do not make any permanent repairs before the company’s adjuster comes around to inspect the damages.

Work glove and hammer atop wood with nails poking out; image by Not Fabrik, via
Work glove and hammer atop wood with nails poking out; image by Not Fabrik, via

The adjuster’s report will be crucial in determining the value of your damages, but keep in mind that he works for your insurer and won’t have your best interests in mind.

If you are unhappy with their estimate, talk to an experienced insurance claims lawyer in Cheyenne, WY, and have them recommend an independent adjuster who can give you an unbiased estimate. You can use this estimate if the insurance company is trying to lowball you by making a settlement offer well below your expectations.

If your insurer doesn’t acknowledge your claim in a reasonable time or their investigation is stalling, your insurance claims lawyer might give them a call to remind them that they are required by state regulations to respond to your claim promptly. 

What can I do if my home insurance claim is denied in Wyoming?

A letter of denial is not final. Your lawyer will examine the reasons why your claim was denied and go over the policy again to see if their justification is valid or not. If they are misinterpreting the terms of your policy or misrepresenting established facts, your lawyer will help you appeal the decision. According to the law, the insurance company is obligated to review your case and examine any new evidence you might submit at this point. If they persist in denying your claim, your attorney will file a lawsuit for breach of contract and unfair settlement practices. Often enough, when faced with a potential lawsuit, the insurance company might reconsider its decision and offer you a fair settlement. 

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