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What Kinds of Losses are Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana?

— March 2, 2022

Companies that provide homeowners insurance in Louisiana do not always pay out claims as they are supposed to.

New Orleans, LA – Homeowners insurance has a number of different protections for property owners in Louisiana. This includes parts of the home itself including the roof, walls, windows, and interior structures. Additional structures outside of the home such as a shed or garage are generally protected as well. Most items inside the home are covered as well, including personal property. 

Despite this broad coverage, any losses need to occur due to certain types of damage, otherwise they will not be paid out. It is also possible that the insurance company can act in bad faith to dent a claim, and the claimant may have to file a lawsuit. 

Severe Weather

Lightning over large city; image by Michael D, via
Lightning over large city; image by Michael D, via

Louisiana experiences hurricanes, severe wind and rain, flooding, and other natural disasters. All kinds of severe weather except for flooding are covered. A homeowner needs a separate flood insurance policy at an additional cost if they are in a flood zone. After a natural disaster, the homeowner should document the loss and damage, and not make any repairs until the insurance company has authorized the claimant to do so. An adjuster will need to review the damage in person before the claim is approved. 

Theft and vandalism

If a homeowner loses their personal property or experiences damage due to various kinds of criminal activity. This is usually covered under a homeowners insurance policy. There may be requirements to file a police report as proof to the insurance company that the theft actually happened. 

Protection against lawsuits

Because the law imposes liability on property owners for the injuries of others, it is possible that a homeowner can be sued. If a person is injured while in the home or in outdoor areas surrounding the home, the insurance policy is supposed to cover any damages that need to be paid out by the owner to the victim of the accident. If the person required medical treatment, this can become a large expense, and many homeowners would not be able to afford to pay out the lawsuit without insurance coverage. 

Homeowners insurance claim denials

Companies that provide homeowners insurance in Louisiana do not always pay out claims as they are supposed to. They will look for reasons to deny claims when possible, and there are even times that they use illegal reasons to deny a claim. If someone going through the claim process ends up in this difficult situation, they should get legal help and have an attorney review their situation. 

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