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Does the Trucking Industry Encourage Speeding?

— December 7, 2022

The trucking industry is also struggling with a major driver shortage at the moment, causing many companies to turn to inexperienced truckers.

When a trucker drives too fast, the immediate instinct is to blame the person behind the wheel. And it’s true that the trucker should shoulder a considerable amount of blame for causing accidents due to negligent, reckless driving. But what about the industry as a whole? What if the entire trucking industry is designed to encourage and even incentivize rushing, speeding, and cutting corners wherever possible? This is certainly a possibility that should be explored. 

If you have been injured by a semi-truck in Hawaii, you already know that truckers often drive with little to no regard for public safety. If you find yourself in this situation, there’s no point in trying to explain the root cause of your accident. You need to be proactive, and the best way to do this is to get in touch with attorneys near you. With help from these Honolulu truck accident lawyers, you can strive for the best possible outcome in a confident, efficient manner. Most importantly, you can receive a considerable financial settlement and hold the trucking industry accountable. 

How Truckers Get Paid

The manner in which truckers are paid often incentivizes them to rush. For example, a common payment structure is based on the miles completed in a journey. If truckers are able to cover more miles in a single day, they earn more money. It’s just that simple. In addition, this means that truckers are incentivized to sleep less and spend more time behind the wheel. Most truckers in North America are not paid a stable salary, and fewer still are paid by the hour. This means that most truckers are rushing to complete their journeys as quickly as possible. This overall structure almost inevitably leads to a higher number of crashes, and critics have called upon the industry to change this system. 

Drug Use is a Major Issue

Caffeine; image by Jorge Franganillo, via
Caffeine; image by Jorge Franganillo, via

In order to stay behind the wheel for long periods of time without sleep and rest, truckers often turn to drugs such as stimulants. This is another byproduct of the underlying structure of the trucking industry, which incentivizes rushing. 

Competition From Inexperienced Truckers

The trucking industry is also struggling with a major driver shortage at the moment, causing many companies to turn to inexperienced truckers. These new truckers often get behind the wheel with almost no experience. These newbies are also willing to charge cut rates in order to compete with more experienced truckers. This in turn causes the experienced truckers to rush and cut corners in an attempt to deal with this new source of competition from drivers who are willing to accept lower payment. 

Where Can I Find an Attorney Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for Honolulu accident lawyers in your area, there are many options available. Choose an attorney, book a consultation, and take your first steps towards justice. The truth is that without a settlement, it can be very difficult to pay for your medical expenses – especially if you have suffered a serious injury of some kind. In addition, your injuries can prevent you from working, compounding the issue further. A settlement can provide you with the funds to cover these losses, making it a crucial source of assistance during this difficult time. Book your consultation today to get started. 



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