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Dole, FDA Issue Recall of Romaine Lettuce Due to E. coli

— November 26, 2020

Earlier this week, Dole issued a recall for certain packages of romaine lettuce that may be contaminated with E. coli.

If you’re getting ready to prep a salad to go along with your Thanksgiving meal, listen up. Earlier this week, Dole issued a recall of certain packages of romaine lettuce heads due to potential E. coli contamination. The recall was issued after a “random sample tested in Michigan revealed the presence of E. coli bacteria in the packaging.

Image of a Warning Sign
Warning Sign; image courtesy of Peter-Lomas via Pixabay,

The recall was announced by Dole on November 21 and includes two different packages of lettuce: Dole Organic Romaine Hearts 3pk and Wild Harvest Organic Romaine Hearts. The recall states, “the products were harvested and packed nearly 4 weeks ago and should no longer be in commerce…there’s no indication at this time that this positive result is related to any illnesses.”

The issue was discovered by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Affected packages have a ‘Harvested-on’ date between October 23 and October 26. According to the notice, which was distributed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the romaine hearts were shipped to the following states: Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Virginia.

Anyone who has the recalled products should toss them or return them for a refund. E. coli is a nasty bacteria that can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. In most cases, the illness runs its course within a week.


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